Friday, 23 November 2012

Exciting new fan made samurai skirmish game!

 We have been making more of an effort since we got back to the painting and playing to post youtube content. We have decided to start posting on the blog regularly again aswell, we will be posting embeds of our youtube videos and extra content such as more pictures and various ramblings for blogging eyes only.

We have :
Started our own fan game called 'Steel and Honour' which is in it's second beta version of rules.

Purchased many metal 28mm miniatures for use in this skirmish game we are working on and started painting them whilst playtesting new rules etc.

Started planning our entry into the sci fi tabletop world of 'Infinity' the game from the Spanish studio 'Corvus Belli'

With that all summarised I will post some of our youtube videos we've uploaded since we re entered the fray and then a couple of pictures of conversions and a completed paintjob I've done recently.