Thursday, 31 May 2012

100 percent finished farsight paintjob/conversion

I have now completely finished farsight ... I dry brushed the base and washed the scroll but went futher and tidied up the white as it wasn't very smooth or clean (which is very important when painting white I have found out)

I also felt I went over board with the object source lighting and battle damage chips. I tuned both of these things down a few notches for a more subtle effect in both cases. It doesnt show much in the pictures but it is a big improvement on the 90 percent finished model I feel. Here are some more pictures.

 I plan to buy some more tau soon, a hammerhead, a skyray and some crisis suits. Then I can finally build a proper far sight list and do a bat rep for all of you good people. Also we are going to do a give away soon I wont say what or why, but hey everyone loves a good free stuff thing dont you? I never win give aways but at least I can give stuff away to our followers and live vicariously through you lol !

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

90 per cent finished farsight conversion paint job

Hi there just a very quick post before I run off to work sucks i know lol I have very nearly finished painting my latest creation of bits and bad sculpting :D  his name is O ' shovah and he looks like a bad-man ! I just need to age the scroll on his sword hilt with some trusty devlan mud and dry brush the base but other than that he is finnished so please enjoy the pics and comment :) thanks

Monday, 28 May 2012

finnished tau commander farsight conversion

I decided against the dead ork and shortened the sword to fit more with the original GW model here is the finnished converted o'shovah

I'm really happy with the conversion and will paint it tommorow I think.

Tau commander Farsight conversion WIP

Best artwork in the Tau codex by far and what inspired me to convert my own commander farsight for my burgeoning tau army.

So far I have gone with a forge world xv9 helmet or sensory thingy (not quite sure what to call it?) and a metal and a plastic aerial on either side of it. Games workshop chiswick was closed today so I got some mili put in place of green stuff. This is much worse than green stuff and takes even longer to harden and is harder to work with. Since I took these pictures I have moved the shield generator from his sword to his arm. The sword is a daemon prince sword with some putty at the end for a more curved blade. Here are some pictures now for you ...
Not sure about the dead ork on the base ... to ork or not to ork ..that, is, the question? .......

Sunday, 27 May 2012

920 points tau vs nids seize ground picture report

Hi, S and myself had a really good game last night playing 3 objectives seize ground her nids vs my tau. Set up looked something like this with her deploying and going first. S had 4 tyranid shrikes a unit of 3 warriors another unit of warriors containing a prime hq, a load of genestealers with brood lord 12 termagaunts.

On the tau side I had a commander shas'o with missile and fusion blaster, a fireknife crisis suit, 8 pathfinders (with devilfish) two 9 man teams of fire warriors a pirahna and two 3 man teams of stealth suits one with marker drone.

After Tyranids turn one everything had moved and ran. The terma gaunts ran particularly well moving to hold an objective on their left flank right away.

I jumped some fire warriors into the pathfinders fish and moved to hold the mid table objective my pirahna moved and fired at the genestealers killing one I marker lighted the g'stealers shooting more stuff at them killing about 4.
On the other side of the board my stealth suits killed a shrike and the other stealth suits put some more wounds on them, the stealths without drone jumped outta harms way into the ruin losing one burst cannon to dangerous terrain... whoops :S

Tyranids turn two and the surviving genestealer brood clambered all over the pirahna skimmer wrecking it killing the crew. Also the shrikes assualted and wiped out the stealth suits with drone.

Tau turn two and i dumped the firewarriors out the back of the fish to rapid fire the warriors sneaking round the side of the ruin and did very little damage I marker lighted the genestealers again and did alot of shooting at them

They were obliterated by pulse, plasma and missile fire ...suprisingly squishy dem stealers ;) (when being shot at atleast lol) unlike the  Tyranid warriors ...eek their getting closer.
Tyranid turn 3 and the warriors killed aload of fire warriors with death spitter shooting then slaughtered the rest in close combat. The sergant and two tried to run but were poked through the head and abdomens by scything talons ... probably.

The shrikes and prime got closer to objective on the other side of the table and shot the last stealth suit to pieces.

Tau turn 3 and the surviving fire warrior team jumped in the devilfish and moved to hold the objective in the middle again for the greater good.

The commander and his not so talented fire knife buddy shot and put some wounds on the Tyranid warriors.

With nothing to marker light the pathfinders readied themselves for some real action and moved towards the terma gaunts firing their carbines at them killing one gaunt.

Tyranid turn 4
The warriors moved to contest the objective (wood elf is objective lol)
The gaunts armed with devourers shot the crap outta the pathfinders killing half of them including the shas'ui ...bad times.

Tau turn 4 and the pathfinders moved up shooting and killing another gaunt causing them to be pinned then they assualted the gaunts (I needed to contest the objective at all costs) They lost two guys and killed two gaunts in return drawing combat.
In the middle of the board my crisis suit commander and other crisis suit jumped into difficult terrain and gunned down some warriors as did my fire warriors as they jumped out the back of the devil fish rapid firing everything into the tyranids.  The commander got into combat with the surviving warrior but not much happened.

Tyranid turn 5 and the gaunts finnished off eating the pathfinders (blue berries nom nom) the shrikes had been moving towards me rapidly and now assualted the crisis suits killing the fire knife guy my commander lost his nerve tried to run but was cut down before he could escape.  Tau turn five and I shot down the last  tyranid warrior in retaliation. Here the game ended making it 2 objectives to the tyranids and one to the tau. I only had nine fire warriors left and a devil fish so I think i got really worked .. the solution ... more crisis suits and some heavy support :D

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Guard vs Tau

Had a quick game with a friend of mine who plays guard. It was a very interesting game. On my side was a shas'o commander three units of fire warriros (6 man teams) pathfinders (6 of them) with obligatory devil fish and two three man stealth squads.

 fighting for the imperium there was a melta vet squad in chimera a plasma command squad on foot some ratlings infiltrating as well as a flamer squad plus gunnery sergant harker (heavy bolter assualt weapon anyone ?) and some scout sentinels and some armoured sentinels and of course guardsman marbo.

The guard player went first and infiltrated the ratlings into a massive ruin and harkers squad infiltrated right near my infiltrating stealth suits wiping them out in the first turn, In my turn i marker lighted harkers squad and used firewarriors to rapid fire the whole squad to death. A quick and bloody start to the game.

The sentinels blew up the devil fish .. luckily i had forgotten to embark my fire warriors on to it lol the crater is where it once stood well...hovered .
The squad was standing near the fish when it went boom thou and took a few casualties then a few more to the other sentinel squad and then ran away.

The guardsmens command squad kept firing their plasma at stuff through the ground floor windows of this ruin i made them run away but they rallied the next turn.

My stealth suits outflanked perfectly but forgot how to shoot and only damaged one scout sentinel slightly ..eek so they assualted away with their jet packs but got caught up to and charged eventually losing combat and fleeing off the board.

My surviving guys moved into cover marbo came in deciding to wait to attack till his following turn but my commander insta killed him with fusion blaster and missile wounds.

 In other news around this time my second fire warrior squad out of three kept getting whittled down but making leadership every time I think the shas'ui got shot nine times at least. My pathfinders broke cover losing a few guys to plasma fire and the ratlings crack shooting but stood fast gunning down some of the command squad making them flee off the board !

My commander joined the fire warrior squad in the building for protection as the melta vets closed in on him in their transport just itching to insta kill the ish outta him but he didn't die thanks to the meat shields and in return He wrecked two armoured sentinels But was assualted by the last one. This is where i gave up the game and forfeited as i only had 3 pathfinders and my crisis suit commander who at strength five could not do any damage to the front armour of a armoured sentinel ( you always use a walkers front armour value in cc)
Alll in all i deployed badly played badly got beat down and worked by a guard army but i did kill a few units so i felt pretty good about the game plus... it was fun ! :D