Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ash Waste Nomad Heavy with Long Rifle

Hope you like it! still doin my lazy paint jobs but i'm gettin a bit better at lenses and stuff...... slowly slowly does it lol

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Necromunda terrain

Hi all, S here. Just a quick post showing this piece of terrain I made recently. I'd been wanting to make something out of this giant tube of mini chedders and i'm pretty happy with it..

OH YEAH! BA codex came in the post. I was going to post a few pictures with different angles and lighting but I think we all know what it looks like  <^.^>


Monday, 26 March 2012

Necromunda Battle report ashwaste v delaque campaign 3rd fight

Hi there Fd back with another battle report for necromunda campaign allan vs S.
Finally got to play something other than the gang fight scenario, ended up with S being able to choose which game we played and she chose scavengers which was quite different. Check it out.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

cawdor vs orlock necromunda video bat rep

Hi there another necromunda battle report for you all. This one is a seperate campaign im playing against george . Quite a quick one again but it's all good stuff. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Chaos dread finished and more Necromunda stuff

Hi there, I've finally finished my Emperors children dreadnought! (with space marine cc arm and alpha legion sarcophagus lol) It doesn't look amazing I know but its only the third vehicle i've ever painted and progress is slow for me and hard earned but it's very rewarding to see even small improvements in your own work (I'm sure you'll all agree with me on this)

I basically did a lot of washing,a bit of drybrushing,some blending even attempting a little object source lighting but the only thing I really did to any affect in my opinion was the heat staining on the auto cannon barrels. This idea i got from Ron from the warps blog post which you can find here....

I did it less impressively and somewhat weaker in terms of the heat staining if you will, as I imagine auto cannons aren't as heat producing as the terminators assualt cannon seen in Rons post.

Any criticism or suggestions on my painting is always  welcomed and appreciated!

Also on my desk this week was a lil guy known in necromunda as a 'Juve' He's a cawdor juve who looks very scared ha ha i think the dum dum bullets in his stub gun are about to blow up in his face maybe :S

The paints a little thick i think this is the third time i've repainted this metal nec dude. Also carrying on with the necromunda theme this week another ash waste nomad i created from bits and pieces ...(spot the tau bits used to create a long rifle lol) I'm a crappy sculpter but i freakin love green stuff!!!!! it's so fun to mess about with. 

He is a heavy with heavy stubber and long rifle ..'but wait you already have two heavies in that gang that's the maximum!' yes you are right imaginary voice but ... it's always good to have options in necromunda where guys routinely fall off walkways to their untimely and gruesome deaths (its cool to replace guys with different models and different weapons etc) If you want to see a video bat rep of a necromunda campaign game skip back one post in our blog and have a gander ! untill next time then ... bye :D

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Necromunda video bat rep Delaque vs AW Nomads campaign

So here it is, the first game in our campaign. I can't even describe how fun it was, ok it was very fun ^-^ It's a short one because the turns are quite brief and S failed her 1st bottle test. This was unlike the game Allan had with George yesterday when noone bottled for ages.

It meant the game ended earlier than we'd hoped and because it is fairly likely, Nec games can be very short, but that is why playing a campaign is essential!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

necromunda painting update

Hi allan here with another quick post. Just wanted to show you a couple of minis i finnished painting for necromunda today. The first is another ash waste nomad ganger. Me and S have played 4 practice games of necromunda so far all of which were really great fun but we made mistakes which we have learned from. These practice games are so that we dont make mistakes when playing an actual campaign.

We are planning to play one more practice game on sunday, we will make a bat rep out of this even though it won't be a campaign game (There is a serious lack of necromunda bat reps on youtube!) I'm also playing a necromunda intro game on saturday with my friend george it will not be filmed but i may take some pictures.

This latest ash waste nomad i really like, i didn't go for a realistic look with the eyes as i wanted a kinda evil anime character look as this gang really reminds me of the bad guys in the akira manga books (no not the movie!....... the manga!)   here are some more pics of him.

Also I painted my second cawdor gang member. This model could be used as a ganger or leader but the way i painted him i think he looks decidedly leaderish.

I have been painting alot of stuff recently but therein lies the problem. I have developed a speed painting technique whereby I jus paint everything in foundation paints thinly maybe spend a long time on the face if there is one, then just wash the whole thing. It's good for getting models done quickly but I need to improve my painting skills and this is not the way to do that.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully we will have some more quality posts this weekend and also aim to have the necromunda video battle report up on the blog come monday!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Fully painted Tyranid shrike and more..

S here again, on a roll it seems with the posting ^_^ Without futher ado..

On another note, I know I said some time ago that I was crap at painting faces and would therefore be staying away from space marines  but....i've changed my mind. I plan to start collecting the Flesh Tearers chapter of Space Marines!! Actually I knew a while back that I wouldn't be keeping to that statement and have been researching chapers for a lil bit. I will still be playing as and collecting more Nids in the immediate future because I  have a lot of work to do creating an army list and reading up on space marine rules *GULP*

 Above pic from

A couple of pics from our weekend game of necromunda. Spot the bridge to nowhere haha I was playing as Cawdor temporarily while waiting for new bases for my Delaque that I managed to melt....long story.

Allan's beautifully painted gang takes an ass whooping before beating me down.
Lastest Nomad ganger conversion. Armed with boltgun and a very fetching green stuff hooded top :D

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sneak peak of 1st completed nid shrike & more ashwaste nomads

Hi all!
S here hoping you all are having a great weekend. I started painting one of my shrikes early this afternoon thinking that I could finish it in good time and take some good pics with the great light of today but alas I ended up getting less and less relaxed as I noticed the light gradually started to fade.

I started seeing the task I set myself turn from abc to the chinese alphabet as I kept finding flaws and general unfinishedness...I still hesitate to call it finshed as it stands but I wanted to share the one decent picture I took and promise to post a BUNCH tommorow when I have time on my side (and the sun doesn't seem to me like it's darting across the sky...pffft stupid sun)

Below are a few more pictures of Allan's Ashwaste nomads. I think this guy he converted looks awesome. He found some really great gas mask heads on Ebay and practically made the guy from bits and bobs of other models. He made the the hood and back pack on this heavy out of green stuff and the last pic is of the 1st leader/ganger from his Cawdor gang which he has just started painting.

Friday, 9 March 2012

two more nomads complete

I won't be using either of these guys to start the campaign this weekend but i recieved the bits i ordered in the mail today and couldn't resist building them both. I have built a heavy with autopistol and heavy bolter out of 3rd party 28mm scale head and chaos space marine arms and heavy bolter space marine torso and the rest is mostly green stuff.
I'm really happy with how this mini came out in the end cept the arms look to space marineeee for my liking other than that he looks cool i like how the hood turned out well atleast how it looks from the front lol

The second nomad i built is a ganger with lasgun, he is not so cool looking. The head and torso are that of a chaos renegade from forgeworld and the legs and right arm are from the original plastic orlock gangers you got from the necromunda box set. However the left arm is a chaos space marine arm and bits of greenstuff  a real crappy part of an otherwise smoove conversion I will file it down before i prime the model.
I'll probably post again tommorow about what I don't know yet, all I really care about right now blog wise is doing some more video battle reports but this time for necromunda. However never fear 40k is way too important to us at FdMIni painting to forget about, but it is good to keep things fresh for the community and ourselves thanks for reading.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ratskin scout finnished and other bits and bobs

Incidently one of my ash waste nomads is called Bob ..... anyways I finnished painting the ratskin but i completely failed to strip the old paint off gave up and jus painted over the top of the decade old previous paintjob so he looks a bit sketchy, anyway here he is.
Also I have ordered a tonne of bits from various websites to help me build more nomads for necromunda but alas they have not yet arrived so i thought id start with what bits i do have ...  here is what is going to be my second heavy in the gang he is going to be armed with a heavy bolter and a auto pistol. I used alot of green stuff mostly to cover up the fact his torso is a spacemarine torso.  I'm also going to re paint my old cawdor gang aswell and write out a roster for them in preperation for our campaign. I've got S heavily into necromunda now and one of my 40k buddies is on it too... exciting times at FDminis !

Talking about S ... she built this piece of scenery ages ago you may have spotted it in some of our 40k bat reps. It is foam board and gw plastic in construction and she painted it with some cool rust effects.
I also went a bit nuts with the foam board and built a huge ruin for 40k games and sprayed it grey the spray was intended for models but is too thick. One more random pic of me (with said spray can) ... why you ask? I'm not quite sure...  i like the picture i guess.