Sunday, 30 December 2012

28mm Boba fett sculpture finished 'BLAST EM!'

So I have finished my second attempt now and I'm really happy with the finished mini I'm going to paint it up soon and it's gonna be amazing hahahaha. So here is the youtube video detailing all the steps and work that led up to the final completed mini that im going to paint. If you wanna see the end result skip to the end of the video... Here is to an absoloutly bloody fantastic 2013 everyone may the force be with you in all your hobby endeavours.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Sculpting miniatures for star wars update

Last post we showed you my improvements to the boba/jango fett inspired mandalorian mini.
The improvements were minimal but made a big difference because at this early stage in my sculpting.... well let's just say every little bit helps! I'll be honest about this because I have nothing to be ashamed of, I knew this was over ambitious and was going to be impossibly difficult lol. If anything I have even for respect for Citadel/forgeworld and all the other countless studios sculpting all the amazing looking miniatures that make the hobby so great. To be honest I was feeling like it was alot of work for not much success so instead of chipping away at such a depressing sight I would take what I had learned from the experience and start afresh. Here is the work so far on mr Fett two point o ...

He is already more proportioned, lean and dynamic. He may look like a power ranger right now but just wait till he's rocking a kick ass jet pack and mando blasters you bunch of rebel scum ! Note what has been sculpted of the left arm so far.. I'm getting better at detailing such things as the folds in his sleeve material and the shoulder pad. If my camera weren't so crap you might even notice I added some battle damage to his helmet.

As far as the helmet goes I have only completed the front of it. This method is what you use when sculpting faces aswell, it helps you to get the detail of a minis head done more easily. With the tricky part done you can easily attack it to the body via an intermidatary blob of green stuff which can be sculpted to form a neck and the back of the head/helmet of the miniature. The legs and body also need a tad more filling out and a load of detail added to them plus he only has half an arm and no hands.. so all in all along way to go but all good exciting stuff.

I also tried sculpting a face just to see how tricky it really is .... the conclusion very tricky so very fiddly it's infuriating. the green humanoid face is my effort and S tried her hand at sculpting a rodians face (greedo was a rodian)

May the force be with you ... and don't get too drunk over christmas ;)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

updated progress on 28mm Star Wars sculpture

Got Loads of awesome sculpting tools the other day as well as modelling wire and some milliput 'fine' for bulking out etc. Here are some progress pics of my first ever mini sculpted from the ground up with putty and paper clips. 
 The tools have helped considerably as you can see the helmet now has a clear shape and is more detailed and in proportion than before. The mini is starting to look like a Mandalorian !!

I made the jet pack and jet pack mounted rocket with the milliput because it has a nice smooth finnish if you apply a little water and go over it with sculpting tools.  This is also because mlliput is alot cheaper than greenstuff and as long as there is not lots of detail to be worked in it works fine.

I still have yet to make a cape or the dual blasters he is to wield when work is complete. Before that however I have decided to thin out the limbs considerably and just generally make the miniature more lean and less blocky in appearance.

Here is The sculpt so far next to a 28mm pre painted collectors figure of Jango Fett for comparison and to give you an idea of what  I hope to achieve. Got the collector model today so now I have a good reference for scale and anatomical proportions. Wish me luck ;)

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year !!!!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Entirely Greenstuff Mandolorian (Boba/Jango Fett) miniature sculpture 28mm

I am just doin this quick post to show you my progress on my first ever mini i have sculpted from scratch using greenstuff and paper clips. It is a mandolorian from starwars  I am getting some wire and tools and better putty tommorow but this dude is not bad for a first if i say so myself lol Heres what he looks like so far

Very bulky and un-detailed but close to correct proportions and only a few things that look plain wrong (like every arm and leg joint) This mini is GW size so 28mm or whatever. I'm going to purchase some diamond files as well so I can smooth out some areas that have already hardened and make them less blocky.
 As you can see from this angle the pelvis is kinda wrong. It is at an angle that would suggest a Rancor had shaken him about by his left leg until his pelvis broke in half leaving his leg dangling behind him lol He is still missing his Jet pack and dual blasters. Also the view from the back is pretty sparse right now I have barely added to it there is no detail and alot of bulking up to do before I even attempt adding any.

I recently read loads and loads of starwars books (Damn you Kindle App!!!) I've been unstoppable in my obsessive reading of all things starwars I even attempted watching some Clone wars tv episodes lol I actually got all nostalgic and bought a gamecube (amazingly cheap on ebay ..12 pounds guys !)  and purchased star wars bounty hunter the game where you play as Jango fett. All of this was the inspiration I needed to start sculpting which is something I've always wanted to do since I did pottery classes as a 8 year old with my father. I would make little clay models of the evil villains I liked from Power Rangers, I left the pots to him.

I went on youtube where there are some great step by step tutorials on how to sculpt fantasy miniatures by a channel called 'epicfantasyminiatures' The guy does all kinds of awesome stuff like blacksmithing (he makes replica weapons from video games !) sick terrain.... like whole medieval towns and stuff! with moving watermills and houses that light up from the inside like their stove or hearth has been lit.
I skipped like 5 of the steps he suggested but did the first step and the last. This was not me being arrogant, I'm just extremely impatient to the point of stupidity lol The first step was very very useful though so I decided I could not afford to skip it. The first step was the above picture which shows my design, He broke up the proportions explaining that the human body is about 8 heads tall and how to draw a grid to help with anatomical correctness. From there I drew the pose I wanted (which I never used .. typical) and started smashing bits of green stuff to a paper clip skeleton. This is tricky without the right tools but I think everyone should try sculpting their own minis as it is so much fun and you are only limited by your imagination and time constraints. Merry Christmas :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Exciting new fan made samurai skirmish game!

 We have been making more of an effort since we got back to the painting and playing to post youtube content. We have decided to start posting on the blog regularly again aswell, we will be posting embeds of our youtube videos and extra content such as more pictures and various ramblings for blogging eyes only.

We have :
Started our own fan game called 'Steel and Honour' which is in it's second beta version of rules.

Purchased many metal 28mm miniatures for use in this skirmish game we are working on and started painting them whilst playtesting new rules etc.

Started planning our entry into the sci fi tabletop world of 'Infinity' the game from the Spanish studio 'Corvus Belli'

With that all summarised I will post some of our youtube videos we've uploaded since we re entered the fray and then a couple of pictures of conversions and a completed paintjob I've done recently.


Friday, 29 June 2012

Bushido underway !

Bushido is underway ! we have played almost an 8th of a turn lol far from epic but we are trying to get our heads round the rules over a bottle of wine which didn't help. But when we are both together and free from our jobs over the weekend we are going to crack the nut so to speak and then do a battle report... I am going to hazard a guess and say it shall be a shambles and an unmitigated disaster but undoubtedly hilarious and entertaining so stay tuned :D

what i've been up to rambling video

just a vid from my youtube channel showcasing the shrike mini you have already seen and a second painted bushido minature. Also features some rambling about brushes

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hiro takashi COM- PLE-TED !

First off I'd like to say Bushido is fast becoming a obsession of mine. I have, I admit not played yet ..but am very excited about doing so. The minatures are awesome :D here are some pictures of my first fully painted Bushido mini ...Hiro Takashi

The base is made to look kind of muddy and wet ..can you spot the crud on his socks ? lol

The back just to prove i painted it ....and finally a close up of his face/mask

Stay tuned for more Bushido stuff and hopefully I will do a bat rep over the weekend.... he he gotta love dem weekends boi !

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bushido WIP paintjobs

Already started painting two of the five models from my starter set !
Done the faces for the most part but need to tidy them up (buying a brush with a tip would help) the rest of the two models however are almost completely undone (they have been primed)
I think I will re buy these models in a year or so and go all out on them with a (hopefully) improved painting ability and some quality brushes and alot of free time for the hobby all at my disposal. I do like the paintjob so far but think that it is such an awesome minature that it deserves a much more professional paintjob than this.

This guy above is the main character for my faction I think i could have done a better job so far if i had chosen the face alternate head option instead of the helmet but the helmet just looked too cool lol

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Finished tau ethereal and farsight conversions and paintjobs

I know you have probably all seen the farsight paintjob but its in the video aswell for the sake of some youtube people who aren't into blogging. Thanks for watching :D

Monday, 4 June 2012

Tau ethereal conversion

I am in the process of building a 'farsight bomb' list for tau so lots of crisis suits are being purchased and converted into body guard crisis suits as farsight can have up to 7 body guards ! The norm is 1-2 to protect a commander lol admitedly their is alot less heavy support in a farsight army and no outflanking kroot to help out but I just love the fluff for him and the model i built and painted to represent him on the table is kinda cool in my opinion.

However it is always fun to have more than one list so I am building a second list with even less ability but I couldn't resist the urge to make my own ethereal with fire warrior veteran bodyguards ( ten of them all with one higher than normal BS making them BS 4!) This would bubble wrap the ethereal who has no armour save but the honour blade he weilds adds plus 2 strength and he has ws4 and 4 attacks on the charge. This is still a very poor unit for close combat thou but a fearless unit now with the etheral in it and lots of accurate strenght five pulse shots will do lots of damage.
This higher balistic skill means they won't need to rely so much on marker lights so these can be used to reduce cover instead or be used for other units to benefit from instead.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

100 percent finished farsight paintjob/conversion

I have now completely finished farsight ... I dry brushed the base and washed the scroll but went futher and tidied up the white as it wasn't very smooth or clean (which is very important when painting white I have found out)

I also felt I went over board with the object source lighting and battle damage chips. I tuned both of these things down a few notches for a more subtle effect in both cases. It doesnt show much in the pictures but it is a big improvement on the 90 percent finished model I feel. Here are some more pictures.

 I plan to buy some more tau soon, a hammerhead, a skyray and some crisis suits. Then I can finally build a proper far sight list and do a bat rep for all of you good people. Also we are going to do a give away soon I wont say what or why, but hey everyone loves a good free stuff thing dont you? I never win give aways but at least I can give stuff away to our followers and live vicariously through you lol !