Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Video battle report 800pts nids vs csm

Part 1

Part 2

This battle was really great fun to play, small maybe but it went right down to the wire ultimately S didnt have much that could tackle the chaos dread. We tried to show summaries of turns with some rolling in the assualt
phases. Let us know what you think, comments are appreciated !

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tyranid Shrikes and Lictor to Shrike green stuff conversion

Hiya all,

I've been wanting Shrikes as an addition to my Nids army for some time. What I really crave is a winged hive tyrant but anything with wings will do for now lol only kidding Shrikes are great.
I got them while up in nottingham, I was >< this close to getting some bits to try and make a Harpy when it was whispered to me that I should wait a few weeks and see what comes out (HOW EXCITING) lol

This guy below, I mounted on one of Allan's left over flight stands which I cut and stuck onto the Shrike base. I put scything talon feet onto this one and I must say I was very sceptical of how good they would look because I didn't even really like them on the forgeworld site (which btw made me believe I would get 3 sets in the box). However I think they look really awesome and they allow for a great in-flight pose which the legs really dont allow for.

 I decided to convert my Lictor into another Shrike for the fun of it. I made his wings, tail, shoulder pads and  extra ribs out of green stuff, I also used a warrior head of course. I changed the tail because the Lictor's one just looked wrong bending upwards so sharply. I do have a forth Shrike, one that I'm currently making a green stuff lash whip and bonesword for  which i'll post soon.
 I added scything talons onto the wings since adding them takes up the arm sockets. I'm pretty sure they can still have talons? I did dry the line at equipping one guy with lash whip, bone sword and scything talons....because it's illegal lol
Allan's diagram of how to add scything talons lol
 Venon cannon guy

 My converted shrike primed
 Wings look ok

So thats my shrike squad. 2 death spitters, 1 venom cannon, 1 guy with lash whip and bonesword (pics to come) all with scything talons

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chaos Dread and more scenery (why am i so impatient?)

At the hobby store in warhammer world you can buy Forgeworld models (also known as 'resin crack') over the counter which is great as you don't have to wait ages for them you just ... get them. Great right ?... wrong ! They had S's desired resin crack fix but not mine .. nooooooooo. First I asked for a contemptor dreadnought but this was sold out, which i cant complain about because it is very very popular. Then I asked for a chaos emperors children dread, this they did not have either so they offered me an alpha legion one so i said ..ok this they had (yay!) but they did not have a close combat arm with fist ( i like a proper lookin power fist on my dreads u know what i mean) so i got the space marine close combat arm with fairy like blades on it.

The real moral of this story thou is BE PATIENT ! which i should have learned to do by the age of 25 by now lol
I say this because the store is right above or next to (which of these i cant remember) the citadel factory where they produce all the models. This means you can get any thing they dont have made up for you later that day.

I would have had to leave and come back thou costing me a futher ten pounds sterling and even worse having to wait four hours !

Every time they did not have what i wanted they kindly would inform me i could have it later that day if i ordered it from them..... every time i avoided the question and asked for something else which was obviously less desirable to my hobby needs.

Then they would look at me as if to say "are you an idiot" whereby i would respond with a look as if to say "no i am an impatient idiot and thereby an even greater idiot then you could comprehend!!" therein lies my story as to why my dread looks such a mess lol still atleast its got a twin linked auto cannon hahaha ...i call that a result !

I did bang a chaos icon on top of the dreadnought to make up for the space marine close combat arm but whatever .... i will still paint it as emperors children and say "damn it i shall not change paint schemes ever again !"

Next up is my scenery obsession which has taken on new lofty heights of obsessiveness. I got another manufactorum for my birthday from a gaming buddy of mine paul and have finally started making my own less expensive ruins from foam board these i shall now show you.

Not bad for a first attempt at foam board ruins. The plastic ruins i made were very small so i could give S some plastic bits for her first attempt at ruins which we will show later this week.  Heres my foam board ruins from another angle. So far we have 5 ruins for our gaming table all different sizes and designs foam board and plastic and combined creations of both materials. We are gearing up for city fights hahaha.

Gotta love ruins! on that note good bye :D

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Our visit to Warhammer world part 2

I am growing to love tyranids more and more with every model I buy, conversion I create (more on this later!) and blog post I see about them. These are my favourite Tyranids from the museum...enjoy

Disclaimer: Again all pics taken by me and Allan, All content belonging to Warhammer World :)

Hi jus to continue what S has been blogging about..... warhammer world was awesome my favourite mini after azhag the slaughterer was probably shrike, chapter master of the ravenguard may have to get me some raven guard one day ?! 

Another great thing about warhammer world is bugmans bar the food was epic in its immensity. I had a gut buster burger which was hugmungous and several pints of bugmans brew (kids dont try this strictly for the bearded ones amongst us) here is a picture of me enjoying said ale ...
we have so so so many more pictures from the hall of minatures but we won't bore u with them but if anyone would like to see more from us on this subject (moarr pics!) we will happily post another load of pictures. On a seperate note we will be posting on other topics all this week though so keep checking in :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Happy Birthday Allan!

This post is an intermission to the regular schedule to say Happy 25th to Allan <^_^>

Our visit to Warhammer world part 1

Hello everyone,

Now this topic must have been blogged to death about but here is our account lol Think I should add a disclaimer on this post: All pictures taken by myself and Allan, all content and models in pictures belong to Warhammer world we are merely admirers.
I think we took about 100 pictures before we'd even entered..
Cue eye rolling from staff members "it's just a Space Marine...jesus" lol joking staff were lovely
Yes Allan you'd be a prime candidate to become a SM ^_^
Look at that freehand banner art!!

Not even the vulture that tore out Prometheus' liver was so damn scary

Allan plans on buying this model one day to be the centrepiece an Ork army

Can I play on your diorama pleeease? Death Korps are definatelythe coolest looking Imperial Guard regiment.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

New techniques and a slimey tentacle

Hello again, We were going to do another post last night but ended up busy doing other things. So here is the post i intended to do. First off Id like to show you my first attempt ever at a new technique. I tried object source lighting... it came out ok ..ish but i feel like one day i could pull it off quite nicely if i keep at it. I had a cursory glance over a post about it on from the warp a few days ago and thought id like to try the same thing on a powerfist like in the tutorial.

this is obviously an assualt marine sergant but u couldnt tell that because he has been carefully disguised with skulls lol next on to my dodgy mutated tentatcle conversion!

First i had to convert the chainsword (this marine is WIP incase you hadn't guessed) using tau guns strange as that sounds.... then i built the tentacle out of half a daemon prince finger and some green stuff. simple as it sounds ..well almost. Should be doing some bat reps again soon so keep an eye on the blog.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

painting work, new scenery and somethin strange

Hi its allan again, the move to a new house was quite smooth but somewhat distracting to the blog and general hobby stuff.

However we are back with a little post first off id like to say S and myself are always striving to improve ourselves as painters of minatures and enjoy comments, praise and criticisms from our viewers and the community. Ron from the warp gave me a couple pointers on my daemon prince a week back so I thought id post my improvements which i made to the pink as it was flat so he suggested i add some shading and contrast.

Next up is our new piece of scenery more ruins from GW a manafactorum that i assembled a bit differently. I left out some floor and walls and battlement pieces so the next ruin we make will be slightly larger it looks like this.

It kinda reminds me of one of the construction site bases on Battlefield 3 the computer game i been playing ....theres like atleast one on every other map lol

I played a game with George using it and he put his pathfinders inside it this really messed me up with their 2+ cover save .... doh ! i am a bit stupid sometimes as i decided we would play length ways with my assualty army against his shooty army hahaha i shock myself sometimes. but we played a second game short edges and it was alot closer (this time he put dark reapers in the ruins)

Lastly (I know! when will this post end lol) I bought some assualt marines which im trying to chaos up a bit into raptors as their are no raptors in the shop near my house and raptors don't come with power fists. So i started painting the aspiring champion as slaneesheei as possible (shiny smooth forehead , blue eyeliner and red pupil for added evil chaosy goodness) I randomly decided to give him a blonde mohawk as their was a mohawkesque bit of sprue sticking out his head.

Then i realised he looked like batou from ghost in the shell lol with the blonde hair and bionic eyes lol anyway now i see them next to each other they look pretty different but it still made me laugh!