Sunday, 29 April 2012

Painted Flesh Tearer Vanguard unit

Well I wouldn't call it finished but I am very happy with the armour it's definately the way I'm going my FT army. A bit darker than some may go but I like it....and can I just say I cannot wait to get proper FT shoulder pads because doing the design freehandedly(?) is killing me ^-^


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cities of death Tau (red and white paint scheme)

So I'm sure you have all seen the Cities of Death cover and thought ..."Damn those tau are getting owned ...that's pretty realistic"

Well I didn't ! I thought that would make one sexy paint scheme. I then proceeded to paint my tau the standard kinda darkish yellow and brown colours of the homeworld sept (Jump right back to near the start of fd blog) because I was scared to paint white as I was a very bad painter.

I came across an 'armies on parade' article in a white dwarf recently where a member of the citadel design team had painted in his army in this scheme just like I had wanted to do and went into detail about how he acheived it. So having started recollecting tau I copied the process and here are the results.

Here above you can see the finnished guy at the front ... the guys behind him show the process. Starting with the stealth suit at the back we have ... first prime the model in imperial primer (the guy used skull white spray but i ran out) then cover in a thin layer of skull white paint, followed by a watered down all over wash of badab black and finally pick out the panels with several layers of skull white, cloth in mephiston red and boots in calthan brown (forgot what the new name is) adding battle damage with boltgun metal to show where the paint has come off.

HE'S BEHIND YOU ... wait ..abit to ya left and yeh yeh up a bit ... wait your dead :S

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kill team video bat rep

Hello.... Just a quick intro to the video below.
I gave S some spares I had and transformed them into a rather large vanguard unit which she turned into a rather small vanguard veteran kill team to face my lightning claws and melta raptors kill team.
I have slowly started collecting tau again but more on that soon. For now just enjoy this kill team crazyness...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Painted Broodlord

I completely forgot to post pictures of the broodlord with the converted tounge I finished some time ago. If I could redo him I would definately give the model an almost head to toe file because it has a LOT of finecast related here they are :)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Emperor's Children Raptor Kill Team and Flesh Tearers wip

I recently purchased Kill Team on ps3 after a long time moaning about people playing Space Marine and having power swords before reaching level 41. So after thoroughly enjoying Kill Team the game I remembered there has been quite a bit of buzz about the tabletop version. I'd been so involved in Necromunda that I am only just learning how cool it is.

Having realised it's coolness my usual obsessive nature lead to me looking at my CSMs and wondering which models I would choose to make my kill team (I also spent some time pondering how S could compose her tyranids into a Kill team before she even knew what was happening)

I haven't had a go playing yet but have created a list and improved on some Raptors I had (I wasn't 100% happy with them) I especially like the tentacled guy.


As you all know I have decided to collect the Flesh Tearer chapter of Blood Angels. Below is the guy I started today (I decided to at least start on it after finished my Brood Lord today). It is a test marine so I can figure out how I want to achieve the colours and ...well it's been a while since I've painted Space Marines.

Allan kindly gave me one of his assault marines he hadn't converted to chaos, I dropped it and the jump pack neatly came off so I decided to paint it seperatly in case you are wondering why he isn't wearing it.
I plan on using the Flesh Tearer shoulder pads you can get from GW instead of the transfers but for this test marine I did freehand. I've just done a base in Khorne red I do plan on adding highlights and layers so the red in the picture is not the final red shade.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Ash waste conversion and new citadel paints

Just a quick post to say that I tried a few of the new paints from GW recently and I was quite impressed. S got some nice layers and base paints ready for her Flesh Tearers and I got some granite texture paint for basing, ardcoat which is basically gloss and imperial primer which is a pot of black paint with which you can prime models.

They all did exactly what they should do and very well... the imperial primer is quite a bit thinner than undercoat black (why am I comparing it to that little pot you only get in starter paint sets? lol because S really likes it) but sticks to plastic nicely and gives good coverage with maybe a second coat needed for great coverage.

S bought the paint thinner and hopes it will prove eliminate water stains and issues that arise from thinning paints with water.

The ard coat I applied to a few models with lenses add shine/gloss and make them more realistic looking and it works very nicely.
I don't know if you can tell the difference in the picture below but this models lense effect pops a lot more than it did in the previous post from before the gloss had been applied.

 The textured paint is really nice and easy to apply to bases beats messing about with sand and glue ! I just dry brushed the granite texture paint a lighter grey and hey presto model is based, still need to get the hang of it before bases really start looking good.

This Nomad with the blue googled respirator and red peaked cap is another conversion i did using cadian guardsmen and green stuff plus maximini resin heads I used the ard coat, imperial primer and astro granite texture paint on this minature and had alot of fun with this paint job. The hooded cloak is green stuff as is the red cap. AW nomads do wear short brimed caps on top of their heads But it did come out a bit different to the ones on the GW minis i still have from all those years ago when i first collected necromunda as a kid, it looks more like a baseball cap or something .... but hey practice makes perfect maybe someday ill get the hang of green stuff haha .. maybe :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ash waste nomads vs delaque campaign gang fight scenario

Absolute carnage in the underhive this week as S and myself face off against each other in a rather boring scenario but the game was anything but that.A short ten minute video battle report is the result for your viewing pleasure :)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another finished Tyranid Shrike..

Well mostly because as seems to be the trend on this blog, it isn't based and it's stuck to a paint pot in a most peculiar manner. Not the best job but I completed him in about 3 hours, I'm not trying to become a speed painter like Allan (lol) but I do need to work on my speed as I seem to be getting slower if anything.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Necromunda Spyrers, Nomads and Platformer set review

Hello all, Happy Thursday, S here and i'm on holidaaaay. A few things to show in today's post that may be of some interest. Not sure if I mentioned before but I bought this terrain set called Platformer construction set and I've been busy putting it together but more on that later.

First, Allan's projects. I decided to paint these Spyrers I have, to introduce into campaigns that i'm playing with S and George. With the background of the Spyrers being from the upper levels of the Hive and completely alien to the underhive and its inhabitants, I felt they should be painted to reflect the difference in wealth and status. At one end of the spectrum you have the Nomads who live outside of the hive, scavanging, robbing convoys and looking very grungy. I felt the natural way to go with the Spyrers was to be bold coloured, affluent looking and shiney.

This guy is a Malcadon as is the blue guy. They both have claws and webspinners and can move at a alarming speed. In a campaign the Spyrers can choose different winning conditions, one of which is that they have to kill as many people as there are members of their own gang before they can return to the lofty luxury of the Spyre. Sounds kind of easy but with so few members the odds are evened, maybe even against them and death of a Spyrer can not be compensated by buying other members.

 The guy below is a Orrus equipt with bolt launchers and powerful fists.

I know I have blogged to death about the Nomads but I find them so interesting. I found a cheap way of making them because as you all know they have been discontinued for quite some time. With a box of Cadian guardsmen, I chop off the head and replace it with the Maximini resin gas mask head I bought in Ebay and then make a hooded cloak out of green stuff. Here is a freshly converted and base coated guy.

Here is another fully painted one. He is holding an Imperial Guard Lasgun which some may find a bit unconventional but I believe my Nomads rob enough PDF convoys to have aquired some lol

Platformer review
S here again :) I'm going to post a little review of this construction set I bought online. I found a lot of images of really cool looking terrain made using this set, so many that it had me phoning up every gaming shop I could find to see if they had any. Due to some stupid issues between manufacturers there are not many around. I bought the last 3 boxes from one shop somewhere in Northern England and to be honest they have been sitting under my bed for sometime after a shocking surprise at the level of work that goes into constructing them. Conquering this constuction set makes me feel ridiculously accomplished like I should be getting some minor award in engineering or construction......I feel like I could add this to my CV haha anyways a few Ps and Cs

-Comes in a LOT of bits.
-Requires a lot of patience.
-Requires a lot of mundane tidying with plastic cutters once taken off of sprue.
-You WILL need the instruction manual (which I hate).
-The plastic is a bit brittle you will need to be more slightly gentle than with GW terrain.
-generally fiddly

-Is to 28mm model scale.
-Once you figure out how to use the different connectors, the possibilities of shape and size are only limited to the bits you have.What I mean is that you can make multi level sturctures with as much or little cover, with as many nooks and crannies and corners to hide around as you want.
-Most (like 90%) of the pieces click together to provide very sturdy hold without glue, you will occasionally find a piece that will click together but not as firmly as others.
- It's Cheap as chips, each box cost me 6.95.
-Unlike some terrain sets that are made to build one stucture unless you have the imagination and skills to convert,  the platformer set has no boundries you could use 50 boxes to make enough terrain for a whole gaming board

Here is a little preview, this piece I am making is nooooo where near complete. Do you like my organisation of the bits?