Thursday, 29 September 2011

Obsessive nature any body ?

Basically it all started when I realised i wanted to switch my Tau army for a chaos space marines one. The reason for this wasnt a tatical one or due to boredom (i like playing as tau) but then i saw a picture of the chaos raptors on the GW website and i knew i had to play as chaos on the table top. Something about the pre heresy jump packs and bionic feet just screamed awesome to me and i became obsessed. I have compounded this obsession by reading the horus heresy novels which have lots of chaos goodness (or should i say badness) to be found within. Then i got the space marine video game for my playstation which only made matters worse as now i play online regularly as harmonica11 ill be the one jumping to my often death constantly as either a blood angels assualt marine or an emperors children raptor painted in ...... pre heresy colours ! why i hear u ask ..... cos pink and black look crappy and y the heck not to be honest it looks freakin awesome. anyway now im trying to sell my tau on ebay but im not too confident how much they'll fetch as some are badly painted due to me still being a bit of a noob painter tbh but oh well ill post some pictures of the tau im sellin jus cos .... well just because :)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lord Kaldor Draigo

I've finally finished the last space marine I will paint for a while. It was very fun cracking open my specially bought pot of burnished gold for it and it did make me reconsider my decision to concentrate on other things but looking at my still unopened Tiranid Lictor box makes me realise that it is for the greater good (haha see what I did there...)


Blog shop!

We have now launched a blog shop so you do not have to go all the way to the wastelands of Ebay to shop. It's located right under the banner.

We have also added a 'about us' page so have a look if you are interested.

Monday, 12 September 2011

For The Greater Good!

Hey people this is allan again, just thought id share with you my 40k army :)
basically its a load of firewarriors a commander a 3 man crisis suit team some stealth suits a piranna a devilfish some gun drones and kroot .... not very effective lol ill admit that much ... but very fun to play with even thou i usually lose to my friends one of which plays as space marines the other as guard and the other two are eldar players. Basically i get owned because i have no heavy jus a handfull of fusion blasters :(
which usually miss lol ! im not going to write a full army list cos it is embarassing okay but I will show you some pictures of some recently painted up fire warriors and my fav most devestatin unit which is my fire knife crisis suit team who kick ass regularly ... I will put up more pics tommorow of their bases which i like and the shas'o commander himself! oh and next week i will be doing a tau v guard battle report on the weirdest game table/board u ever seen it will be a very short youtube vid which i will embed in the blog happy wargaming ladies and gents :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sneak Preview..

Hi there,

I know I said I wasn't going to paint space marines anymore and that I wanted to focus on..well it was in my last post lol but I happened to have one last guy I bought before I made that decision. It's only Mr Lord Kaldor Draigo, well here is a sneak peak of the nearly finshed mini (I can't decide what to write on his arm, ideas?)

Also, look what arrived! can't wait to get started.

I was talking to Allan about possible doing a giveaway when we get a any a few followers, not really sure about the specifics but a special character of the winning reader's choice will be painted up and sent to you for free *blood sweat and tears included*


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ork Warboss video

Here is the video of the recently posted Ork Warboss.

We have plans to make some exciting videos on our YT in the near future including much more FD mini show cases and battle reports, so check out our channel!

Quick update from S


I was perusing the 40k section of the Games Workshop site last night, looking for inspiration when I had one of those ideas that gets you thoroughly too excited. I've decided that I will leave the painting of Space Marine armies (and soon Elder!) to Allan who is awesome at them. I on the other hand love the less human armies so I've decided to focus on the awesome armies that are Chaos Demons, Tyranids and Orks so some very excititng minis coming very soon.. First up: Tyranid Lictor.


P.s. I'm aware that I didn't cover all the 40k armies..

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ork Warboss (finished!)

I finally finnished the Ork warboss from the black reach boxset .... it took me too long really but it was fun to paint and is my best mini yet quite good i think considering im a bit of a noob painter lol i used some basic techniques and stuff but it came out lookin quite detailed i hope you all agree, i know i sound like im gettin ahead of myself but im really happy with the results :p

i did the base for a sort of urban rubble effect and tried my hand at making a rusty metal girder which you can see stickin out the rubble at the front of the base. In the future i'm going to try doing the base first then stickin the model down (makes more sense) and also painting the model piece by piece before stickin it together lol i did still manage to get all the white spots thou :D anyways enough blabberin by moi enjoy the pics you good people !


High Elf Creatures

Way before we ever dedicated a single thought to spending hours and days on painting one minature....we painted these haha. Just wanted to put it out there that these are in no way FD. But we love them anyway, so much we decided to sell them (well more because someone decided to change their fantasy army, I will be a Skaven forever mwuhaha)

High elf prince on moon dragon (old camera)

Island of Blood Griffon

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Abaddon the despoiler and Death Master Snikch

Abaddon is a famously evil character from the Horus Heresy, this Citadel finecast mini was a joy to paint and I did my best to bring out his aggressive sadistic nature. This mini is up on ebay here as well if you're interested!

 Deathmaster Snikch is a joy to play with and is a great addition to any Skaven army. I started painting him quite a while ago not really bothered about the quality, only recently did I stop and really look at what a great little minature he is. It wasn't that easy to change direction and try to cover up past sloppinesses but in the end I think he turned out ok. I'm looking forward to painting him again in finecast ooooh how much I do look forward to that.

Island of blood Rat Ogres and wip Ork Warboss

This trio is one of the first set of mini's that I really dedicated a lot of time to. Skaven are an awesome fantasy army, just look at all that Warpstone technology!

This is a little project I'm working on from the Assault on Black Reach boxset. Here's a preview of how it's coming along.