Thursday, 7 February 2013

Scratch built tau allied detatchment and chaos conversions

I am so tired of my flip flopping between armies in 40k and my buying and selling armies and half painted armies. It almost made me swear off GW for life, it is expensive enough without rebuying things because of idiot decision making. Anyway, due to this bad habit of mine I am not re buying tau for a third time so am sculpting my allied detachment of one crisis suit commander and 6 man firewarrior squad from scratch(wire armatures from modelling wire bulking with miliput and greenstuff for everything else) It is ambitious and I'm a little nervous but going beyond your abilities always seems to improve them... so don't be faint hearted all of you out there sculpt your hearts out it's fun and alot easier than it looks( not to be taken to GW store or Warhammer world, they might not like that)

Here are my tau allies so far 

These were my designs for the tau sculpts. Hopefully how they will look if I pull it off but with more dimensions

 I also have been sculpting a Second Hq for my cultist heavy chaos force he is about half way to completion I started with a marine torso and then greenstuffed arms legs feed and torso detail I need to go over alot of it to add detail finish off the lightning claws as they look crap as they are in their first stage of sculpting and the face.... I'm looking forward to sculpting a really crazy face but the jump pack is going to be hard, things with proper circles or straight lines are very hard to get right.

 Just for a bit of fun I converted this guy....he is a slaneeshi cultist with heavy stubber I made him from a guards man's legs and torso and one arm the rest is greenstuff except the gasmask head is from maxi mini.

I love the thought of him shuffling about around the hive in dark corners or whatever before the chaos insurrection took place hiding his monstrous mutation under his ragged cloak until the time came to strike when he joined his fellow cultists and picked up a heavy stubber with his hideous tentacled limb and gunned down the pdf or local enforcers or whatever lol. 

Not sure if anyone reads the blog anymore as I let it decay for a while but hope if anyone is they got something out of it hopefully the idea that greenstuff is awesome :)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Star wars 3.5 cm Female Jedi green stuff sculpture

Hi, I've been trying my hand at sculpting my own miniatures recently using Star Wars as my inspiration. I recently designed my own rule set for a tabletop skirmish game set in feudal japan which we called 'Steel and Honour' I had been doing lots of green stuff conversion work on the Perry Miniature Samurai for fun and this gave me the confidence to try scratch building my own minis.

This boba fett inspired mandalorian was my first sculpt attempt.

I felt encouraged after this first attempt to continue as after one attempt I already felt that I was more talented at sculpting minis than painting them, which is something I've been doing for a while now without much success, as I can achieve a good enough tabletop quality but the finer points of miniature painting seem to elude my understanding.

After this sculpt I felt it was time to try something more ambitious so I started to sculpt this Jedi Knight, they are a black female jedi with dual lightsabres. I'm very much more pleased with this as it is an improvement and also the face came out okay which was a pleasant suprise and a relief as it is based on S and I didn't want her to get upset :)....

Apologies for the poor photography it's not my strong point that's for sure. The lighting was poor so I had to use flash, I should really learn how to use light boxes and so on.

All that is left to do with her is to file off some of her hands as I botched these badly and then paint her up ! I started on sculpting Darth Savage from clone wars and copied the pose from one of my favourite Dark Horse Star wars comics 'Darth Maul Death Sentence'

I loved this frame so much when I read this comic that I knew I had to sculpt it is the mini so far it is little more than a wire frame and a tiny bit of bulking right now.

 half of the face done lol!

Darth Savage is over 7 feet tall so I worked it out that he is 4.5 cm tall when converted to the scale I am using.

The idea was to create a rule set for a Starwars skirmish type tabletop game to use these miniatures in of which these three will be the first batch of many I will sculpt. However true to my usual flip flopping ways I've just gone and purchased the dark vengance starter set box and some extra cultists and tactical marines on ebay and a chaos marines codex for 6th........ Can you guess who is going to lead my band of merry, trigger happy and completely degenerate chaos space marines.....? clue...... it's not fabius bile ;)