Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New chaos HQ

My new Chaos HQ is a simple chaos lord in terminator armour with the basic load out and mark of slanesh (power weapon and twin linked bolter) He has played in three games now and done very well expcept in the last game were i rolled badly but i gotta say i love those 2+ saves ... damn they're tasty. So jus to clarify he is chaos but has alot of pre heresy things goin on like oaths of moment (purity seals) and the aquila but you got to remember the emperors children were the first legion to have the honour of wearing the aquila on their power armour its a bit of a mish mash but thats how i like it. I wrote 'liberi' on the parchment on his knee which means children in latin jus for some flavour and attempted some poncy filagree type swirlyness to keep with the fluff. If you wanna see him kill (or attempt to) some nids check out the battle report.