Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bushido WIP paintjobs

Already started painting two of the five models from my starter set !
Done the faces for the most part but need to tidy them up (buying a brush with a tip would help) the rest of the two models however are almost completely undone (they have been primed)
I think I will re buy these models in a year or so and go all out on them with a (hopefully) improved painting ability and some quality brushes and alot of free time for the hobby all at my disposal. I do like the paintjob so far but think that it is such an awesome minature that it deserves a much more professional paintjob than this.

This guy above is the main character for my faction I think i could have done a better job so far if i had chosen the face alternate head option instead of the helmet but the helmet just looked too cool lol

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