Monday, 4 June 2012

Tau ethereal conversion

I am in the process of building a 'farsight bomb' list for tau so lots of crisis suits are being purchased and converted into body guard crisis suits as farsight can have up to 7 body guards ! The norm is 1-2 to protect a commander lol admitedly their is alot less heavy support in a farsight army and no outflanking kroot to help out but I just love the fluff for him and the model i built and painted to represent him on the table is kinda cool in my opinion.

However it is always fun to have more than one list so I am building a second list with even less ability but I couldn't resist the urge to make my own ethereal with fire warrior veteran bodyguards ( ten of them all with one higher than normal BS making them BS 4!) This would bubble wrap the ethereal who has no armour save but the honour blade he weilds adds plus 2 strength and he has ws4 and 4 attacks on the charge. This is still a very poor unit for close combat thou but a fearless unit now with the etheral in it and lots of accurate strenght five pulse shots will do lots of damage.
This higher balistic skill means they won't need to rely so much on marker lights so these can be used to reduce cover instead or be used for other units to benefit from instead.


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    1. Thanks man, I really need to buy some bloody green stuff soon thou milli putt just isn't the same :(

    2. An interesting conversion, are you planning to keep a similar theme through the bodyguard?

      Milliput is good for bulking out though greenstuff is nicer to do detail work with though personally I use GaleForce9's greenstuff as you get 100g for £10 RRP opposed to GW's official stuff at 20g for £6.15 and as far as I can tell they are both just epoxy.

  2. I'm not quite sure how to go about the body guard, I was thinking more of painting the ethereal to go with them having the body guard look like the other fire warriors. I may paint them opposite colours though, what do you think about red armour and white cloth ?

    as far as the Gale Force 9 stuff ... thankyou so much! I was unaware of this :D I'm guessing I could find some just googling it?

  3. Red with white could look good and work in your farsight list too as he does love red. I got my greenstuff from local game store but eBay or from them direct is an option too

    1. cool ...thanks man ! stay posted for some pics soon