Thursday, 31 May 2012

100 percent finished farsight paintjob/conversion

I have now completely finished farsight ... I dry brushed the base and washed the scroll but went futher and tidied up the white as it wasn't very smooth or clean (which is very important when painting white I have found out)

I also felt I went over board with the object source lighting and battle damage chips. I tuned both of these things down a few notches for a more subtle effect in both cases. It doesnt show much in the pictures but it is a big improvement on the 90 percent finished model I feel. Here are some more pictures.

 I plan to buy some more tau soon, a hammerhead, a skyray and some crisis suits. Then I can finally build a proper far sight list and do a bat rep for all of you good people. Also we are going to do a give away soon I wont say what or why, but hey everyone loves a good free stuff thing dont you? I never win give aways but at least I can give stuff away to our followers and live vicariously through you lol !


  1. He looks great, nice one. looking forward to the giveaway :D

    1. Thanks man :D going to play with him in a game today he'll probably get insta-killed lol !