Friday, 21 December 2012

Entirely Greenstuff Mandolorian (Boba/Jango Fett) miniature sculpture 28mm

I am just doin this quick post to show you my progress on my first ever mini i have sculpted from scratch using greenstuff and paper clips. It is a mandolorian from starwars  I am getting some wire and tools and better putty tommorow but this dude is not bad for a first if i say so myself lol Heres what he looks like so far

Very bulky and un-detailed but close to correct proportions and only a few things that look plain wrong (like every arm and leg joint) This mini is GW size so 28mm or whatever. I'm going to purchase some diamond files as well so I can smooth out some areas that have already hardened and make them less blocky.
 As you can see from this angle the pelvis is kinda wrong. It is at an angle that would suggest a Rancor had shaken him about by his left leg until his pelvis broke in half leaving his leg dangling behind him lol He is still missing his Jet pack and dual blasters. Also the view from the back is pretty sparse right now I have barely added to it there is no detail and alot of bulking up to do before I even attempt adding any.

I recently read loads and loads of starwars books (Damn you Kindle App!!!) I've been unstoppable in my obsessive reading of all things starwars I even attempted watching some Clone wars tv episodes lol I actually got all nostalgic and bought a gamecube (amazingly cheap on ebay ..12 pounds guys !)  and purchased star wars bounty hunter the game where you play as Jango fett. All of this was the inspiration I needed to start sculpting which is something I've always wanted to do since I did pottery classes as a 8 year old with my father. I would make little clay models of the evil villains I liked from Power Rangers, I left the pots to him.

I went on youtube where there are some great step by step tutorials on how to sculpt fantasy miniatures by a channel called 'epicfantasyminiatures' The guy does all kinds of awesome stuff like blacksmithing (he makes replica weapons from video games !) sick terrain.... like whole medieval towns and stuff! with moving watermills and houses that light up from the inside like their stove or hearth has been lit.
I skipped like 5 of the steps he suggested but did the first step and the last. This was not me being arrogant, I'm just extremely impatient to the point of stupidity lol The first step was very very useful though so I decided I could not afford to skip it. The first step was the above picture which shows my design, He broke up the proportions explaining that the human body is about 8 heads tall and how to draw a grid to help with anatomical correctness. From there I drew the pose I wanted (which I never used .. typical) and started smashing bits of green stuff to a paper clip skeleton. This is tricky without the right tools but I think everyone should try sculpting their own minis as it is so much fun and you are only limited by your imagination and time constraints. Merry Christmas :)