Monday, 24 December 2012

Sculpting miniatures for star wars update

Last post we showed you my improvements to the boba/jango fett inspired mandalorian mini.
The improvements were minimal but made a big difference because at this early stage in my sculpting.... well let's just say every little bit helps! I'll be honest about this because I have nothing to be ashamed of, I knew this was over ambitious and was going to be impossibly difficult lol. If anything I have even for respect for Citadel/forgeworld and all the other countless studios sculpting all the amazing looking miniatures that make the hobby so great. To be honest I was feeling like it was alot of work for not much success so instead of chipping away at such a depressing sight I would take what I had learned from the experience and start afresh. Here is the work so far on mr Fett two point o ...

He is already more proportioned, lean and dynamic. He may look like a power ranger right now but just wait till he's rocking a kick ass jet pack and mando blasters you bunch of rebel scum ! Note what has been sculpted of the left arm so far.. I'm getting better at detailing such things as the folds in his sleeve material and the shoulder pad. If my camera weren't so crap you might even notice I added some battle damage to his helmet.

As far as the helmet goes I have only completed the front of it. This method is what you use when sculpting faces aswell, it helps you to get the detail of a minis head done more easily. With the tricky part done you can easily attack it to the body via an intermidatary blob of green stuff which can be sculpted to form a neck and the back of the head/helmet of the miniature. The legs and body also need a tad more filling out and a load of detail added to them plus he only has half an arm and no hands.. so all in all along way to go but all good exciting stuff.

I also tried sculpting a face just to see how tricky it really is .... the conclusion very tricky so very fiddly it's infuriating. the green humanoid face is my effort and S tried her hand at sculpting a rodians face (greedo was a rodian)

May the force be with you ... and don't get too drunk over christmas ;)

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