Saturday, 22 December 2012

updated progress on 28mm Star Wars sculpture

Got Loads of awesome sculpting tools the other day as well as modelling wire and some milliput 'fine' for bulking out etc. Here are some progress pics of my first ever mini sculpted from the ground up with putty and paper clips. 
 The tools have helped considerably as you can see the helmet now has a clear shape and is more detailed and in proportion than before. The mini is starting to look like a Mandalorian !!

I made the jet pack and jet pack mounted rocket with the milliput because it has a nice smooth finnish if you apply a little water and go over it with sculpting tools.  This is also because mlliput is alot cheaper than greenstuff and as long as there is not lots of detail to be worked in it works fine.

I still have yet to make a cape or the dual blasters he is to wield when work is complete. Before that however I have decided to thin out the limbs considerably and just generally make the miniature more lean and less blocky in appearance.

Here is The sculpt so far next to a 28mm pre painted collectors figure of Jango Fett for comparison and to give you an idea of what  I hope to achieve. Got the collector model today so now I have a good reference for scale and anatomical proportions. Wish me luck ;)

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year !!!!


  1. and a happy new year Nick ! lets hope it's an awesome one