Thursday, 1 September 2011

Abaddon the despoiler and Death Master Snikch

Abaddon is a famously evil character from the Horus Heresy, this Citadel finecast mini was a joy to paint and I did my best to bring out his aggressive sadistic nature. This mini is up on ebay here as well if you're interested!

 Deathmaster Snikch is a joy to play with and is a great addition to any Skaven army. I started painting him quite a while ago not really bothered about the quality, only recently did I stop and really look at what a great little minature he is. It wasn't that easy to change direction and try to cover up past sloppinesses but in the end I think he turned out ok. I'm looking forward to painting him again in finecast ooooh how much I do look forward to that.

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