Monday, 12 September 2011

For The Greater Good!

Hey people this is allan again, just thought id share with you my 40k army :)
basically its a load of firewarriors a commander a 3 man crisis suit team some stealth suits a piranna a devilfish some gun drones and kroot .... not very effective lol ill admit that much ... but very fun to play with even thou i usually lose to my friends one of which plays as space marines the other as guard and the other two are eldar players. Basically i get owned because i have no heavy jus a handfull of fusion blasters :(
which usually miss lol ! im not going to write a full army list cos it is embarassing okay but I will show you some pictures of some recently painted up fire warriors and my fav most devestatin unit which is my fire knife crisis suit team who kick ass regularly ... I will put up more pics tommorow of their bases which i like and the shas'o commander himself! oh and next week i will be doing a tau v guard battle report on the weirdest game table/board u ever seen it will be a very short youtube vid which i will embed in the blog happy wargaming ladies and gents :)

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