Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ork Warboss (finished!)

I finally finnished the Ork warboss from the black reach boxset .... it took me too long really but it was fun to paint and is my best mini yet quite good i think considering im a bit of a noob painter lol i used some basic techniques and stuff but it came out lookin quite detailed i hope you all agree, i know i sound like im gettin ahead of myself but im really happy with the results :p

i did the base for a sort of urban rubble effect and tried my hand at making a rusty metal girder which you can see stickin out the rubble at the front of the base. In the future i'm going to try doing the base first then stickin the model down (makes more sense) and also painting the model piece by piece before stickin it together lol i did still manage to get all the white spots thou :D anyways enough blabberin by moi enjoy the pics you good people !


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  1. wow, looks ace! good work. like the blog.