Thursday, 29 September 2011

Obsessive nature any body ?

Basically it all started when I realised i wanted to switch my Tau army for a chaos space marines one. The reason for this wasnt a tatical one or due to boredom (i like playing as tau) but then i saw a picture of the chaos raptors on the GW website and i knew i had to play as chaos on the table top. Something about the pre heresy jump packs and bionic feet just screamed awesome to me and i became obsessed. I have compounded this obsession by reading the horus heresy novels which have lots of chaos goodness (or should i say badness) to be found within. Then i got the space marine video game for my playstation which only made matters worse as now i play online regularly as harmonica11 ill be the one jumping to my often death constantly as either a blood angels assualt marine or an emperors children raptor painted in ...... pre heresy colours ! why i hear u ask ..... cos pink and black look crappy and y the heck not to be honest it looks freakin awesome. anyway now im trying to sell my tau on ebay but im not too confident how much they'll fetch as some are badly painted due to me still being a bit of a noob painter tbh but oh well ill post some pictures of the tau im sellin jus cos .... well just because :)

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