Saturday, 8 October 2011

Chaos Emperor's Children pre heresy colours!

I have done the unthinkable ... yes, painted a post heresy army in their pre heresy colours LOL! I dont care what the nay sayers say they may say 'nay' but i say 'yay'
purple and gold beat pink and black and even thou these pictures look blue, in reality they look very purple so don't worry :p

The way i see it the emperors children turned against the emperor and worshipped chaos before they became noise marines and wore pink and black power armour. Therefore they must have spent sometime in purple and gold as chaos space marines so its still kinda fluffy.

I have shown the picture of my first two completed chaos space marines both of which are special weapons dudes one plasma one flamer which i aqquired from the box of finecast raptors i bought. They also have metal Emperors Children shoulder pads i got from the GW website i used superglue and milli put (plumbers putty) to attach them securely.

Now i will show some pics of my aspiring champion of the raptors squad he is Work In Progress so dont worry he will look better when he is done the lightning claws are white but are going to be glowing green and hopefully look good. The jump pack detail is free hand and looks crappy in the picture but is actually quite good i think its taking pictures at night with the flash looks bad. anyway enough blabberin allan out ... peace!


  1. I do not want to sound like a dick but the purple shade looks too blue. In GW colors, they are warlock purple not Liche purple.

  2. If you go to black library site and look at the fulgrim poster you can see the shade well.

  3. Thanks for the comment. You are right, I thought maybe it was just the lighting. Glad I made this post now lol

  4. If you want them to appear really in transition mix in some normal tac squad parts also.

  5. yeah that sounds cool i might do that.