Friday, 28 October 2011

Picture battle report: Nids vs Chaos marines 600 pts

Firstly, S's current Nids army have no HQ so don't worry we are aware of that lol
and our points round up to 600 each.

So to start off, here is S's set up: One Death Leaper (which in this battle has no head!) , 3 Tyranid Warriors and 5 genestealers who infiltrated and a Lictor in reserve.

 Allans set up: 5 man attack squad with flamer, 5 man attack squad with plasma gun and 5 man Raptor unit with accompanying chaos lord with jump pack  

Everything Tyranid moved. Genestealers tried to run into cover but fell short. Warriors tried to shoot raptors with death spitters but were out of range and the death leaper stayed put

 Chaos space marines moved forward towards the tyranids.  Attack squad with flamer tried to shoot at Death leaper but were not in range.

Attack squad with plasma killed two genestealers with shooting. Raptors shot and did two wounds on warriors but both were saved. Genestealers passed morale check Raptors tried to assualt the warriors but didn't reach

Turn two. Lictor was brought in from reserve and placed next to warriors who moved over dangerous terrain. Death leaper passed leadership test to avoid lurking and moves out of cover (crater. Genestealers move into cover.  Warriors cause three wounds with death spitters raptors make all their saves. Lictor runs two inches, Death leaper runs one inch. 
Warriors assualt raptors whilst genestealers assualt plasma attack squad. Genestealers get two rending wounds and two wounds which all kill leaving the plasma gun weilder who strikes back missing thereby losing by 4 but passing leadership.

 Chaos lord did three wounds killing one warrior and the aspiring champion did one wound to a warrior. The other four raptors caused one wound between them which was saved.
The warriors did two wounds to the raptors both of which were saved making the warriors lose by 4. They failed the leadership test but made their iniative and fell back.

Turn two allans go: Flamers move towards death leaper. Raptors jump over lictor. Flamer squad test to see death leaper and see him but fail to wound with flamer and then bolters rapid fire wounding twice on 8 shots leaving him with one wound .
Raptors wound lictor once with bolt pistol fire, the plasma pistol gets hot but he makes his save. Raptors then assualt the lictor.

Assualt: Genestealers attacks remaining guy and do nothing the chaos marine attacks back causing one wound, Genestealers lose by one but pass their leadership test
Lictor doez his three attacks against the chaos lord and does two rending wounds leaving him with one wound left, He strikes back at the same iniative using lightning claws causing three unsavable wounds and killing the lictor outright. Raptors consolidate towards next target
Turn three S's go: the warriors rallied. The death leaper was in twelve inches of the warriors so didn't need to test for instinctive behaviour. He doesnt move but shoots with flesh hooks and misses. Warriors shoot at raptors doing two wounds which allan fails to save but passes the morale check.

Assualt phase: Warriors assualt raptors but  Chaos Lord strikes first killing one warrior. Warriors split their four attacks between lord and raptors wounding HQ twice therefore killing him as he had one wound left. They wound the regular raptors twice but they make both saves.
The aspiring champ with lightning claws does one wound, The rest of the raptors do one wound leaving the remaining warrior with one wound losing the combat by one.
He fails the leadership test and then gets caught in a sweeping advance, raptors consolidate towards next target

Death leaper vs flamer squad assualt phase:  Death leaper does three wounds troops make one save two guys die. Allan fails to wound with four attacks losing the combat but passing the leadership test

Genestealer versus plasma dude: Genestealer makes two wounds allan makes one save so dies.
Turn three allans go: Raptors move towards genestealers shoot at genestealers but fail to wound they then try to assualt genestealers but fail to move far enough through cover to reach them.
The death leaper vs troops assualt phase: Death leaper strikes first killing one guy the remaining two fail to wound death leaper so they lose by one but pass leadership test so stay put.

Turn 4 S's go: Genestealers move two inches through cover towards Raptors.
Assualt phase: Death leaper wounds one guy killing him, remaining marine fails to wound death leaper losing combat but passing leadership test.
Genestealers assualt raptors. Genestealers make three wounds raptors make two save so one guy dies. Raptors strike back killing one genestealer with lightning claws and and make two regular wounds that need saves of 5 plus..... S rolls double 6's! one genestealer survives drawing combat
Turn 4 allans go:(nothing wounds nothing runs)

Turn5 S's go: Death leaper strikes first does one rending wound on surviving marine killing him.
Genestealers inflict one wound on raptors which is saved- aspiring champ strikes back killing last genestealer with lightning claws raptors consolidate towards death leaper

Allans turn 5: Raptors move close to avoid not seeing the death leaper tries to shoot at it with plasma pistol but it gets hot killing the marine. Last raptor passes ld test.
Last raptor assualts death leaper death leaper strikes first with his ridicuously high initative and does one rending wound killing the aspiring raptor champ..... winning the game for S standing tall with one remaining wound lol

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  1. lol are u staying up really late to post these or waking up at silly oclock! gd game, george