Sunday, 2 October 2011

1000pts Tau vs Eldar Battle report

Just finished uploading footage of a battle I had yesterday with my mate George, him with Eldar. theres some pretty sketchy filming by S but it's ok for a first battle rep. We are planning on turning our board into a city ruins scape which we think will look awesome to fight most armys on.


  1. Nice to see a game with a pair of 4th edition books. Not the list I would have taken but that last firewarrior held out well for you.

    Good use of card board ruins as well makes me want a game of Necromunda.

  2. thanks for watchin :) yeah my opponent thought bout takin out the lone fire warrior but decided he had bigger fish to fry haha i do miss playin necromunda im so broke these days i've sold all of it and my fantasy army but i will never part with my cardboard sceneary its so versatile.