Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another finished Tyranid Shrike..

Well mostly because as seems to be the trend on this blog, it isn't based and it's stuck to a paint pot in a most peculiar manner. Not the best job but I completed him in about 3 hours, I'm not trying to become a speed painter like Allan (lol) but I do need to work on my speed as I seem to be getting slower if anything.


  1. Interesting selection of colors that you've got on that table. I like the gun, curious to see the mini when it's based (if it will be?)

    Also, Follow'd :)

  2. Yea allan still has a lot of gw paints from many years ago. Yes lol I will be basing them soon, maybe try out the new basing/paints. Cool blog you have too, followed back :)