Sunday, 15 April 2012

Emperor's Children Raptor Kill Team and Flesh Tearers wip

I recently purchased Kill Team on ps3 after a long time moaning about people playing Space Marine and having power swords before reaching level 41. So after thoroughly enjoying Kill Team the game I remembered there has been quite a bit of buzz about the tabletop version. I'd been so involved in Necromunda that I am only just learning how cool it is.

Having realised it's coolness my usual obsessive nature lead to me looking at my CSMs and wondering which models I would choose to make my kill team (I also spent some time pondering how S could compose her tyranids into a Kill team before she even knew what was happening)

I haven't had a go playing yet but have created a list and improved on some Raptors I had (I wasn't 100% happy with them) I especially like the tentacled guy.


As you all know I have decided to collect the Flesh Tearer chapter of Blood Angels. Below is the guy I started today (I decided to at least start on it after finished my Brood Lord today). It is a test marine so I can figure out how I want to achieve the colours and ...well it's been a while since I've painted Space Marines.

Allan kindly gave me one of his assault marines he hadn't converted to chaos, I dropped it and the jump pack neatly came off so I decided to paint it seperatly in case you are wondering why he isn't wearing it.
I plan on using the Flesh Tearer shoulder pads you can get from GW instead of the transfers but for this test marine I did freehand. I've just done a base in Khorne red I do plan on adding highlights and layers so the red in the picture is not the final red shade.

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