Friday, 13 April 2012

Ash waste conversion and new citadel paints

Just a quick post to say that I tried a few of the new paints from GW recently and I was quite impressed. S got some nice layers and base paints ready for her Flesh Tearers and I got some granite texture paint for basing, ardcoat which is basically gloss and imperial primer which is a pot of black paint with which you can prime models.

They all did exactly what they should do and very well... the imperial primer is quite a bit thinner than undercoat black (why am I comparing it to that little pot you only get in starter paint sets? lol because S really likes it) but sticks to plastic nicely and gives good coverage with maybe a second coat needed for great coverage.

S bought the paint thinner and hopes it will prove eliminate water stains and issues that arise from thinning paints with water.

The ard coat I applied to a few models with lenses add shine/gloss and make them more realistic looking and it works very nicely.
I don't know if you can tell the difference in the picture below but this models lense effect pops a lot more than it did in the previous post from before the gloss had been applied.

 The textured paint is really nice and easy to apply to bases beats messing about with sand and glue ! I just dry brushed the granite texture paint a lighter grey and hey presto model is based, still need to get the hang of it before bases really start looking good.

This Nomad with the blue googled respirator and red peaked cap is another conversion i did using cadian guardsmen and green stuff plus maximini resin heads I used the ard coat, imperial primer and astro granite texture paint on this minature and had alot of fun with this paint job. The hooded cloak is green stuff as is the red cap. AW nomads do wear short brimed caps on top of their heads But it did come out a bit different to the ones on the GW minis i still have from all those years ago when i first collected necromunda as a kid, it looks more like a baseball cap or something .... but hey practice makes perfect maybe someday ill get the hang of green stuff haha .. maybe :)

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