Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cities of death Tau (red and white paint scheme)

So I'm sure you have all seen the Cities of Death cover and thought ..."Damn those tau are getting owned ...that's pretty realistic"

Well I didn't ! I thought that would make one sexy paint scheme. I then proceeded to paint my tau the standard kinda darkish yellow and brown colours of the homeworld sept (Jump right back to near the start of fd blog) because I was scared to paint white as I was a very bad painter.

I came across an 'armies on parade' article in a white dwarf recently where a member of the citadel design team had painted in his army in this scheme just like I had wanted to do and went into detail about how he acheived it. So having started recollecting tau I copied the process and here are the results.

Here above you can see the finnished guy at the front ... the guys behind him show the process. Starting with the stealth suit at the back we have ... first prime the model in imperial primer (the guy used skull white spray but i ran out) then cover in a thin layer of skull white paint, followed by a watered down all over wash of badab black and finally pick out the panels with several layers of skull white, cloth in mephiston red and boots in calthan brown (forgot what the new name is) adding battle damage with boltgun metal to show where the paint has come off.

HE'S BEHIND YOU ... wait ..abit to ya left and yeh yeh up a bit ... wait your dead :S


  1. Nice painting, mate. Add to this weeks UK Bloggers weekly round up.

    Btw the UK Bloggers Group logo would look great on here, you can grab it from - already got you on the UK Bloggers Group ;)

  2. Very nice indeed. Just be warned though: painting a whole army of mostly white can be hell on earth. It'll probably take twice as long as it normally would. Make sure you really, really want this colour scheme before you start painting up your whole army.

    Sorry if that's impertinent coming from a guy whose only been following the blog for a couple of weeks, but I just abandoned a mostly white Space Marine army I was painting for myself and switched to Imperial Guard for the simple reason that it was taking forever to paint.

    1. Not at all mate I welcome comments and thanks again for following :) Regarding the paint scheme being mostly white, I think you are right lol I didnt realise how right you were untill after the third model i painted which was a stealth suit which is slightly larger :S
      However I have crossed my Rubicon so to speak and am pressing ahead I'm far too in love with the look so far. Loving your recent work btw

  3. I'm painting White Scars (only bikes fun army) and it takes forever but they say if something is too easy it is not worth doing :D