Monday, 28 May 2012

Tau commander Farsight conversion WIP

Best artwork in the Tau codex by far and what inspired me to convert my own commander farsight for my burgeoning tau army.

So far I have gone with a forge world xv9 helmet or sensory thingy (not quite sure what to call it?) and a metal and a plastic aerial on either side of it. Games workshop chiswick was closed today so I got some mili put in place of green stuff. This is much worse than green stuff and takes even longer to harden and is harder to work with. Since I took these pictures I have moved the shield generator from his sword to his arm. The sword is a daemon prince sword with some putty at the end for a more curved blade. Here are some pictures now for you ...
Not sure about the dead ork on the base ... to ork or not to ork ..that, is, the question? .......

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