Friday, 4 May 2012

Eldar harlequin troupe master and forge world tau commander

Hey all,
This Harlequin dude is for my mate george who plays eldar ... now this is the first Eldar i have ever painted and let me tell you it may look so so but it was an absoloute joy to paint I didnt even get round to finnishing all the gems there are that many I kinda gave up but there is also loads of oppurtunity to go nuts with freehand stuff.

The diamond black and white diamonds was freehand as is the yellow heart/cross thing on his chest most of the stuff i stole from the GW website pics anyways I hope he likes it because it took ages lol here are some more pics of the dude ...
In other news I have got full on into collecting tau again with a major purchase of a forge world XV9 battle suit which i hodge podgedly converted to a different load out from two twin linked burst cannons it came with to a more legal missile pod and fusion blaster with shield generator load out.

I've almost finnished painting my cities of death tau kill team which i will post pictures of tommorow happy blogging/hobbying thanks for readin... :)

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