Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pathfinder Shas'ui (paintjob)

Hi there hope you all have checked out the battle report the post before this one ;) anyways this is just a quick one to show you the first painted guy in my unit of 6 pathfinders.

 They are built from fire warriors with no conversion work that is pretty lazy I'll admit but I had run out of green stuff and couldnt put off painting one as i had the painting urge at the time. I think the pathfinders are going to look the same as the fire warriors but for the sergant/ shas'ui I painted the helmet red and white as opposed to white so he stood out.

I did a minor conversion on his left arm and hand so that he is putting his hand up as if to say "hold" to the other scouts behind him the other pathfinders are all crouching down to make this look more so as i imagine it you can see this better if you watch the bat rep. Happy blogging/wargaming !

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