Sunday, 27 May 2012

920 points tau vs nids seize ground picture report

Hi, S and myself had a really good game last night playing 3 objectives seize ground her nids vs my tau. Set up looked something like this with her deploying and going first. S had 4 tyranid shrikes a unit of 3 warriors another unit of warriors containing a prime hq, a load of genestealers with brood lord 12 termagaunts.

On the tau side I had a commander shas'o with missile and fusion blaster, a fireknife crisis suit, 8 pathfinders (with devilfish) two 9 man teams of fire warriors a pirahna and two 3 man teams of stealth suits one with marker drone.

After Tyranids turn one everything had moved and ran. The terma gaunts ran particularly well moving to hold an objective on their left flank right away.

I jumped some fire warriors into the pathfinders fish and moved to hold the mid table objective my pirahna moved and fired at the genestealers killing one I marker lighted the g'stealers shooting more stuff at them killing about 4.
On the other side of the board my stealth suits killed a shrike and the other stealth suits put some more wounds on them, the stealths without drone jumped outta harms way into the ruin losing one burst cannon to dangerous terrain... whoops :S

Tyranids turn two and the surviving genestealer brood clambered all over the pirahna skimmer wrecking it killing the crew. Also the shrikes assualted and wiped out the stealth suits with drone.

Tau turn two and i dumped the firewarriors out the back of the fish to rapid fire the warriors sneaking round the side of the ruin and did very little damage I marker lighted the genestealers again and did alot of shooting at them

They were obliterated by pulse, plasma and missile fire ...suprisingly squishy dem stealers ;) (when being shot at atleast lol) unlike the  Tyranid warriors ...eek their getting closer.
Tyranid turn 3 and the warriors killed aload of fire warriors with death spitter shooting then slaughtered the rest in close combat. The sergant and two tried to run but were poked through the head and abdomens by scything talons ... probably.

The shrikes and prime got closer to objective on the other side of the table and shot the last stealth suit to pieces.

Tau turn 3 and the surviving fire warrior team jumped in the devilfish and moved to hold the objective in the middle again for the greater good.

The commander and his not so talented fire knife buddy shot and put some wounds on the Tyranid warriors.

With nothing to marker light the pathfinders readied themselves for some real action and moved towards the terma gaunts firing their carbines at them killing one gaunt.

Tyranid turn 4
The warriors moved to contest the objective (wood elf is objective lol)
The gaunts armed with devourers shot the crap outta the pathfinders killing half of them including the shas'ui ...bad times.

Tau turn 4 and the pathfinders moved up shooting and killing another gaunt causing them to be pinned then they assualted the gaunts (I needed to contest the objective at all costs) They lost two guys and killed two gaunts in return drawing combat.
In the middle of the board my crisis suit commander and other crisis suit jumped into difficult terrain and gunned down some warriors as did my fire warriors as they jumped out the back of the devil fish rapid firing everything into the tyranids.  The commander got into combat with the surviving warrior but not much happened.

Tyranid turn 5 and the gaunts finnished off eating the pathfinders (blue berries nom nom) the shrikes had been moving towards me rapidly and now assualted the crisis suits killing the fire knife guy my commander lost his nerve tried to run but was cut down before he could escape.  Tau turn five and I shot down the last  tyranid warrior in retaliation. Here the game ended making it 2 objectives to the tyranids and one to the tau. I only had nine fire warriors left and a devil fish so I think i got really worked .. the solution ... more crisis suits and some heavy support :D

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