Thursday, 19 January 2012

Completed Deathleaper

Finished the Deathleaper. Winter light sucks so sorry for the bad lighting.

Next on my agenda is my genestealers and broodlord. I'm not sure if it's worth paining the genestealers because I want to buy a new box so I can include scything talons, The ones I have currently I bought from Ebay (Is there something I'm missing, why on earth would you not configure them that way?) but I guess I could do with the painting practice. Oh also my second unit of genestealers I want to be Ymgarl so thats another box. sigh sometimes I wonder why I bother with Ebay



  1. Nice work. Like the colour scheme!

    1. Thanks!! I'm wondering how nids with less 'spikey' chitin will look though lol