Sunday, 22 January 2012

A very rough test genestealer and a moment of glory for chaos

So i've always had this problem when I looked at genetealers. They aren't the most detailed of models yet they looks so complicated to me. I just can't decide what should be flesh/chitin and looking at images on google didn't really help. I painted this test gs to try and just make a decision, and I can't say i'm too dissapointed.

Disclaimer: yes it is currently a very bad paint job lol


As mentioned in the title, the picture below represents my moment of glory in a game that ended up a draw. It was played on a round table....yes a round table. It was a long and hard fought out game of 6 turns of back and forth inbetween S and myself,

The 8 raptors who were earlier deepstrilked in losing their champion and one other guy to dangerous terrain, were then messed up thoroughly by the genestealer unit with broodlord and left with one sole surviver: a bolt pistol raptor. He then managed to not only cut down the broodlord but then went after the remaining warrior (prime) which was on its way to bring some trouble to my base and let off a singe bolt pistol round which got in under the hard carapace finding the soft goey stuff inside his brain and exploding it into chunks of xenos.

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