Friday, 13 January 2012

emperors children pink and black test marine

I've decided to re paint my chaos army pink and black. After making a huge fuss about having them purple and gold a la pre heresy emperors children colours i decided the post heresy paint scheme looked cooler. Yes you guessed correctly i was playing space marine on my playstation and impusively as always decided they all had to be repainted all 1500 points worth.

Any suggestions would be welcome as I wasn't sure if i should paint the whole head pink leaving the vent black or leave it like this as i like the sort of two tone type of paint jobs. Not bothered about changing it as its only a test marine. Happy hobbying ..peace


  1. Hi, good choice for emperor's children!

    if i've one advice, it would be good to put warlock purple before pink. I have 2k points of EC and it's better and easier if you have a basecoat.

    Good luck!
    (sorry for the mistake, i'm french)

    1. ok cool thanks man i will do that :D keep checking the blog for updates and battle reports!