Monday, 16 January 2012

Emperors children Raptors and Battle report

 Hi there, allan here and I've finnished a few raptors in the following paint scheme...

I already described how i changed it first on space marine the ps3 game so I thought I'd show my raptor skin for the game first.
Here are the minatures ..
Today i played against George a 855 point each side capture and control table quaters game of 40k my chaos marines against his eldar.
I had daemon prince with mark of slaan and doombolt, two 5 man squads of chaos marines one with power weapon and a 7 man squad of raptors with two melta guns and a champion with paired lightning claws.Finally i packed in my havocs with  the big guns we all love to shoot at things.

George had a jetbike seer council with all the lovely cheesey stuff i can never remember, a load of guardian jetbikes, 5 dire avengers and 5 banshees.

I went first moving toward georges base keeping the havocs in my own with their long range goodness and my daemon prince in reserve. I shot some dire avengers and made a load of saves from the guardian fire.

George shot loads of flamers at my raptors with the warlocks in the seer council he killed all but one then assualted and killed that one :(

I Brought the daemon prince in from reserve, finished off the dire avengers and lost some more guys to shruiken fire.
Plasma gun chaos marine killed a banshee and then got assualted by them and the seer council. I was thoroughly wiped out.
Right about turn 4 i finally got the daemon prince into assualt range and got some revenge on the seer council.
The Daemon Prince did not do well against them in the first round of close combat as he hit out against everyone except the farseer this was stupid of me because he was giving them fortune and guide and all that nasty eldar trickery! DP lost combat but made the fearless armour save. This left the prince with one wound left however but then next turn turn 5 assualt phase the daemon prince struck down the farseer rippin him and his bike in half mwuahah then turn six came after we rolled to continue.

The guardian bikes and banshees assualted the remaining five man marine squad with power weapon and flamer the chaos marines were cut down before they could respond. The bikes then consolidated back into the eldar base securing their victory as all the chaos troop choices were dead and the game ended.

Hello, quick mini segment from S,

I've really not been abled to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to painting (or playing) because of...well life....well I say F*** you life! lol here is a preview of my Death leaper. I finally decided on a chitin colour scheme and look forward to painting the rest of my aweeesommme nids arrrmy.

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