Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nids and Chaos versus Vanilla marines

S and myself had a small game against George's new Space Marine army; 2047 points each side. The mission capture and control. We didn't do a video battle report but chose to take a few pics.

Chaos consisted of: Daemon prince with wings, mark of slaan and doombolt, terminator lord with mark of slaan twin linked bolter and power sword. ten man squad with champwith power weapon flamer plasma and bolters. 8 man raptor squad with powerfist melta and plasma. 5 man raptor squad with paired lightning claws melta and plasma. and finally havocs with power weapon champ, heavy bolter two missle launchers and lascannon.

Tyranids consisted of: Death leaper, 3 man warrior squad with prime death spitter and venom cannon, Brood lord with genestearlers with rending claws and toxin sacs (9 including bl) 8 ymgarl generstealers (which were regular genestealers as a proxy and 1 lictor too) and also a Zoanthrope.

Georges space marines I remember as such: One venerable dreadnought with missile launcher and assualt cannon, sternguard, razor back, razor back with lascannons, one chaplain with power fist one captain with thunderhammer and plama pistol attack bike squad with flamers and heavy bolter. scouts with heavy bolter and bolt guns. devestators with missile launchers. 5 man squad with bolters 5 man squad with bolters and heavy bolter.Terminators with power fists and stormbolters (5)

I might have forgotten some of georges stuff he can comment and correct if he likes lol S and myself won the roll off and chose to deploy second and go second aiming to steal the iniative (we were feelin lucky lol) we failed to steal the iniative  :(

I deployed my daemon prince behind the eight man raptor squad to give him a cover save put my 5 man raptor squad to their left, the havocs went in the ruins and the chaos marines and terminator lord deployed behind S's warriors. Her Zoan thrope deployed to the right of my termi hq squad and the genestealers with broodlord wend in our base.

The picture here shows the ymgarl gstealers in the base too but S had written on a piece of paper that they would hide in George's base on the other end of the board(sshhhh dont tell george) she jus forgot to take them off the actual board lol

George defended his base with devestators and a 5 man bolter squad and proceeded to advance his dreadnought and bikes down the right flank whislt the rest of his army moved down the left in razor backs.
He shot his razor back with lascannons at the daemon prince who failed his 4 plus cover and took one wound. The infiltrating scouts shot at the tyranid warriors and knocked off a couple wounds. Other than that the space marines advanced their vanillas asses toward the towering evil might of our hideous hord. The marines took out some of my advancing 5 man raptor squad.

The 8 man power fist raptor squad shot the melta and wrecked the razor back without lascannons the occupants disembarked and killed the 8 man squad who blew up their transport. The other razor back was shook by the havocs lascannon but disembarked the hq squad of thunder hammer captain and dudes who took one more wound off the daemon prince.


The attack bikes shot at the Chaos termi Hq squad with flamers and bolter fire hittin the tyranids infront of them with some flamer fire but did very little damage.

The Daemon prince charged the thunder hammer weilding space marine captain killing him outright. The remaining raptors (lightning claws guy and melta guy) shot at the scouts in the crater and killed one.
The scouts fired back killing the melta gun raptor.  The chaos hq squad rapid fired everything at the attack bikes killing a few then the deathleaper assualted them and finished them off. The one remaining raptor in the evil force assualted the scouts killing three outright (initiavie 5 due to mark of slaanesh) the sergant hit back but failed to kill the aspiring champion with claws who then caught and killed the sergant.The death leaper and lightning claws aspiring champ were doused in flame and the deathleaper lost a couple wounds to assualt cannon fire all from the venerable dreadnought but both survivied to commit more horrific acts of violence.

Around now it was Mine and S's 2nd turn and the ymgarl genestealers came in on a 4 reserve roll appearing in georges base ! they promptly assualted the devestators killing all of them using the transformation jutsu (this is not naruto but i couldnt resist) The Daemon prince kept being assualted by more and more space marines he lost another wound but narrowly won combat.

George deepstriked his terminators infront of the bulk of the evil force which he later regretted stating" if i had deepstriked them into your base i could have played for the draw!" he opened fire with his storm bolters killing some stuff but not much to worry us at this point. I think S lost one of her tyranid warriors.

The chaos hq squad rapid fired everything at the terminators killing only one thanks to those shots coming from the plasma gun in the squad the burning plasma went straight through the tatical dreadnought armour killing the owner. The Broodlord and his genetealers charged the terminators as did the lightning claws raptor. The tyranid warriors charged the sternguard and the deathleaper charged the venerable dreadnought.

The broodlord and genestealers tore through the terminators with rending claws killin three the remaining one motioned to strike back with his power fist but was cut down by the lightning claw chaos champion before he could raise his deadly weapon in retaliation.

The Daemon prince was finally cut down and returned to the warp after killing a few more marines he served the dark gods well. The deathleaper shot his flesh hooks shaking the dreadnought then promptly tore through the ancient warrior inside with rending hooks wrecking the vehcile. The tyranid warriors beat the sternguard in combat killing the chaplain whilst over at georges base the ymgarl genestealers had been locked in combat with a 5 man squad of marines for several turns as the last marine standing from that squad a heavy bolter guy refused to die fending of the shape shifting genestealers with his combat knife in a last ditch heroic effort to save the day for the imperium against the highly improbable aliance of chaos and tyranids, Finally he was decapitated or something equally gruesome or he survivied ... i forget but george forfitted the game as he had been thourougly beaten before the 5 turn had even begun.

George is first and foremost an eldar player he routinely beats everyone in our gaming circle of friends so don't feel bad for him. But he was a great sportsman and all three of us had a fun time playing this battle which was an awesome one with lots of fluffy stuff happening minus the improbable alliance between xenos and chaos forces. Happy hobbying and ..PEACE!


  1. love the photo of the deamon prince next to the razor back with a wrecked rhino in the background, looks sick

  2. yeah i know man i really like it too good action shot :D