Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas Haul

Here is a few pictures of some items we bought around christmas time for our armies.
 Firstly Allan finally got his highly waited for awesome HQ that is the plastic kit Chaos Daemon Prince, assembled with sword (even though he's 40k) because it looked too cool. He is still deciding whether or not to add shoulder pads (I think it'd look really good)
Although he is a wip he has tasted battle and let's just say there are no regrets with this purchase ^_^
Next for my Tyranid army *I choose you Broodlord*
No intro or explanations needed this guy is essential. I absolutely love his stance, I think he looks like a punk rocker. He always plays great and is very point/cost effective I really hope they don't do him over in the next codex.
Since the last post was about selling Allan's Nec scenery collection, which was all we previously used as 40k scenery for games, the next couple of pictures will be of the new scenery we bought. We have always wanted the imperial sector ruins collections.

Firstly the Santum Imperalis, used here in this battle. The detail on these ruins are amazing and we'll show more detailed pictures as they are painted up. It's a really nice building/ruin as there is plently of space to fit a whole units(10 men) obviously lots of cover and endless amounts of atmosphere. EVEN COMES WITH LAMPOST!
 The other building we bought was Manufactorium which we haven't yet assembled.
Allan bought this five man devestater squad on Ebay and haphazardly converted them to a chaos havoc squad using chaos heads and even a captain sicarius head from the BR boxset for the champion's head. They've not been painted yet but have proven very useful on the table top as he previosy had no heavy choice. Now he can stand back and blow shit up.

My next choice for an addition to my army was a Zoanthrope. I eventually want a unit of 2-3 but this guy is actually holding his own. 3+ invunerable and great range with his powerful psychic shooting attacks and such a great detailed finecast model!

And lastly but maybe most important of all I was gifted this shiny book

When I opened this gift then looked over at Allan's Daemon prince gift to himself I almost suspected ulterior motives to buying this book. But after insisting that he wasn't even interested in using thier tutorial to guide him with paiting his model I was convinced of his noble intentions to make me a better painter....even if the book contains no nid tutorials
O_o <---me  

Happy new year all!

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