Sunday, 19 February 2012

Our visit to Warhammer world part 2

I am growing to love tyranids more and more with every model I buy, conversion I create (more on this later!) and blog post I see about them. These are my favourite Tyranids from the museum...enjoy

Disclaimer: Again all pics taken by me and Allan, All content belonging to Warhammer World :)

Hi jus to continue what S has been blogging about..... warhammer world was awesome my favourite mini after azhag the slaughterer was probably shrike, chapter master of the ravenguard may have to get me some raven guard one day ?! 

Another great thing about warhammer world is bugmans bar the food was epic in its immensity. I had a gut buster burger which was hugmungous and several pints of bugmans brew (kids dont try this strictly for the bearded ones amongst us) here is a picture of me enjoying said ale ...
we have so so so many more pictures from the hall of minatures but we won't bore u with them but if anyone would like to see more from us on this subject (moarr pics!) we will happily post another load of pictures. On a seperate note we will be posting on other topics all this week though so keep checking in :)

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