Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chaos Dread and more scenery (why am i so impatient?)

At the hobby store in warhammer world you can buy Forgeworld models (also known as 'resin crack') over the counter which is great as you don't have to wait ages for them you just ... get them. Great right ?... wrong ! They had S's desired resin crack fix but not mine .. nooooooooo. First I asked for a contemptor dreadnought but this was sold out, which i cant complain about because it is very very popular. Then I asked for a chaos emperors children dread, this they did not have either so they offered me an alpha legion one so i said ..ok this they had (yay!) but they did not have a close combat arm with fist ( i like a proper lookin power fist on my dreads u know what i mean) so i got the space marine close combat arm with fairy like blades on it.

The real moral of this story thou is BE PATIENT ! which i should have learned to do by the age of 25 by now lol
I say this because the store is right above or next to (which of these i cant remember) the citadel factory where they produce all the models. This means you can get any thing they dont have made up for you later that day.

I would have had to leave and come back thou costing me a futher ten pounds sterling and even worse having to wait four hours !

Every time they did not have what i wanted they kindly would inform me i could have it later that day if i ordered it from them..... every time i avoided the question and asked for something else which was obviously less desirable to my hobby needs.

Then they would look at me as if to say "are you an idiot" whereby i would respond with a look as if to say "no i am an impatient idiot and thereby an even greater idiot then you could comprehend!!" therein lies my story as to why my dread looks such a mess lol still atleast its got a twin linked auto cannon hahaha ...i call that a result !

I did bang a chaos icon on top of the dreadnought to make up for the space marine close combat arm but whatever .... i will still paint it as emperors children and say "damn it i shall not change paint schemes ever again !"

Next up is my scenery obsession which has taken on new lofty heights of obsessiveness. I got another manufactorum for my birthday from a gaming buddy of mine paul and have finally started making my own less expensive ruins from foam board these i shall now show you.

Not bad for a first attempt at foam board ruins. The plastic ruins i made were very small so i could give S some plastic bits for her first attempt at ruins which we will show later this week.  Heres my foam board ruins from another angle. So far we have 5 ruins for our gaming table all different sizes and designs foam board and plastic and combined creations of both materials. We are gearing up for city fights hahaha.

Gotta love ruins! on that note good bye :D

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  1. Not bad for a first attempt! I had my first go with foam board the other might too. It looks like its going to prove an invaluable resource. I'll get some pics up soon.