Thursday, 9 February 2012

New techniques and a slimey tentacle

Hello again, We were going to do another post last night but ended up busy doing other things. So here is the post i intended to do. First off Id like to show you my first attempt ever at a new technique. I tried object source lighting... it came out ok ..ish but i feel like one day i could pull it off quite nicely if i keep at it. I had a cursory glance over a post about it on from the warp a few days ago and thought id like to try the same thing on a powerfist like in the tutorial.

this is obviously an assualt marine sergant but u couldnt tell that because he has been carefully disguised with skulls lol next on to my dodgy mutated tentatcle conversion!

First i had to convert the chainsword (this marine is WIP incase you hadn't guessed) using tau guns strange as that sounds.... then i built the tentacle out of half a daemon prince finger and some green stuff. simple as it sounds ..well almost. Should be doing some bat reps again soon so keep an eye on the blog.

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