Saturday, 18 February 2012

Our visit to Warhammer world part 1

Hello everyone,

Now this topic must have been blogged to death about but here is our account lol Think I should add a disclaimer on this post: All pictures taken by myself and Allan, all content and models in pictures belong to Warhammer world we are merely admirers.
I think we took about 100 pictures before we'd even entered..
Cue eye rolling from staff members "it's just a Space Marine...jesus" lol joking staff were lovely
Yes Allan you'd be a prime candidate to become a SM ^_^
Look at that freehand banner art!!

Not even the vulture that tore out Prometheus' liver was so damn scary

Allan plans on buying this model one day to be the centrepiece an Ork army

Can I play on your diorama pleeease? Death Korps are definatelythe coolest looking Imperial Guard regiment.


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