Tuesday, 7 February 2012

painting work, new scenery and somethin strange

Hi its allan again, the move to a new house was quite smooth but somewhat distracting to the blog and general hobby stuff.

However we are back with a little post first off id like to say S and myself are always striving to improve ourselves as painters of minatures and enjoy comments, praise and criticisms from our viewers and the community. Ron from the warp gave me a couple pointers on my daemon prince a week back so I thought id post my improvements which i made to the pink as it was flat so he suggested i add some shading and contrast.

Next up is our new piece of scenery more ruins from GW a manafactorum that i assembled a bit differently. I left out some floor and walls and battlement pieces so the next ruin we make will be slightly larger it looks like this.

It kinda reminds me of one of the construction site bases on Battlefield 3 the computer game i been playing ....theres like atleast one on every other map lol

I played a game with George using it and he put his pathfinders inside it this really messed me up with their 2+ cover save .... doh ! i am a bit stupid sometimes as i decided we would play length ways with my assualty army against his shooty army hahaha i shock myself sometimes. but we played a second game short edges and it was alot closer (this time he put dark reapers in the ruins)

Lastly (I know! when will this post end lol) I bought some assualt marines which im trying to chaos up a bit into raptors as their are no raptors in the shop near my house and raptors don't come with power fists. So i started painting the aspiring champion as slaneesheei as possible (shiny smooth forehead , blue eyeliner and red pupil for added evil chaosy goodness) I randomly decided to give him a blonde mohawk as their was a mohawkesque bit of sprue sticking out his head.

Then i realised he looked like batou from ghost in the shell lol with the blonde hair and bionic eyes lol anyway now i see them next to each other they look pretty different but it still made me laugh!

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