Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tyranid Shrikes and Lictor to Shrike green stuff conversion

Hiya all,

I've been wanting Shrikes as an addition to my Nids army for some time. What I really crave is a winged hive tyrant but anything with wings will do for now lol only kidding Shrikes are great.
I got them while up in nottingham, I was >< this close to getting some bits to try and make a Harpy when it was whispered to me that I should wait a few weeks and see what comes out (HOW EXCITING) lol

This guy below, I mounted on one of Allan's left over flight stands which I cut and stuck onto the Shrike base. I put scything talon feet onto this one and I must say I was very sceptical of how good they would look because I didn't even really like them on the forgeworld site (which btw made me believe I would get 3 sets in the box). However I think they look really awesome and they allow for a great in-flight pose which the legs really dont allow for.

 I decided to convert my Lictor into another Shrike for the fun of it. I made his wings, tail, shoulder pads and  extra ribs out of green stuff, I also used a warrior head of course. I changed the tail because the Lictor's one just looked wrong bending upwards so sharply. I do have a forth Shrike, one that I'm currently making a green stuff lash whip and bonesword for  which i'll post soon.
 I added scything talons onto the wings since adding them takes up the arm sockets. I'm pretty sure they can still have talons? I did dry the line at equipping one guy with lash whip, bone sword and scything talons....because it's illegal lol
Allan's diagram of how to add scything talons lol
 Venon cannon guy

 My converted shrike primed
 Wings look ok

So thats my shrike squad. 2 death spitters, 1 venom cannon, 1 guy with lash whip and bonesword (pics to come) all with scything talons

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