Sunday, 4 March 2012

Necromunda ash waste nomads finished ...almost :)

So I actually did some serious painting for a change and reached my goal to finish my entire gang (minus one ratskin scout) in two days so i could play necromunda with a painted gang ...awesome!

Here is a group shot of the gang 'alarnius's nomads' lol

And the following pics are from top to bottom: juve with stub gun, juve with auto pistol, ganger with auto gun, ganger with plasma pistol chainsword and autogun, heavy with plasma pistol chainsword and heavy stubber, leader with boltgun and autopistol.
Don't worry we are not leaving 40k not even for a bit lol


  1. Even the words 'ash nomads' set me off. It's good to see your take, and the conversions definitely work.

    1. Yeah they are such a cool gang, always been my favourites. Im going to build some extras soon. Thanks for the comment