Friday, 9 March 2012

two more nomads complete

I won't be using either of these guys to start the campaign this weekend but i recieved the bits i ordered in the mail today and couldn't resist building them both. I have built a heavy with autopistol and heavy bolter out of 3rd party 28mm scale head and chaos space marine arms and heavy bolter space marine torso and the rest is mostly green stuff.
I'm really happy with how this mini came out in the end cept the arms look to space marineeee for my liking other than that he looks cool i like how the hood turned out well atleast how it looks from the front lol

The second nomad i built is a ganger with lasgun, he is not so cool looking. The head and torso are that of a chaos renegade from forgeworld and the legs and right arm are from the original plastic orlock gangers you got from the necromunda box set. However the left arm is a chaos space marine arm and bits of greenstuff  a real crappy part of an otherwise smoove conversion I will file it down before i prime the model.
I'll probably post again tommorow about what I don't know yet, all I really care about right now blog wise is doing some more video battle reports but this time for necromunda. However never fear 40k is way too important to us at FdMIni painting to forget about, but it is good to keep things fresh for the community and ourselves thanks for reading.

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