Sunday, 18 March 2012

Necromunda video bat rep Delaque vs AW Nomads campaign

So here it is, the first game in our campaign. I can't even describe how fun it was, ok it was very fun ^-^ It's a short one because the turns are quite brief and S failed her 1st bottle test. This was unlike the game Allan had with George yesterday when noone bottled for ages.

It meant the game ended earlier than we'd hoped and because it is fairly likely, Nec games can be very short, but that is why playing a campaign is essential!


  1. Very cool. I loved it, especially the mini-eye views through the terrain. I think I mentioned before how rare Necromunda battle reports are in general, let alone video versions. A very rare pleasure so thank you for putting it up. As for the game itself, ignominous disasters and early bottle outs are par for the course, early on in a campaign especially, so S doesn't need to worry too much about that. Focusing on the campaign element at the end really drives home the fact Necromunda is all about the life of the gang over time, the events between games too, and the narratives that grow out of it all. Man, you've got me wanting to get a new campaign going. Maybe it's time for some kind of online campaign using Vassal or blog posts? It could hook up campaigns around the world, as if each one is in a neighbouring region of the underhive. I'll give that some thought...

  2. Thanks so much Porky, glad you enjoyed it. It's just so fun to play , but if we get more people playing it and blogging about it in the process thats just a really great bonus :D I can't quite visualise how the online campaign would work but it sounds cool.

  3. It's that visualisation that's tricky, and the more so the more open it is. The key seems to be to keep things simple at core. I've given it some thought and put up a suggestion up here:

    It says essentially that anything goes if the players and their host agree, with each host being the engine running a game. But that's just one proposal, and all kinds could be possible, even multi-system skirmishes and world-hopping.

  4. Interesting video. I won't even pretend I know the game system or half the lingo being used, but I'm a sucker for dioramas and props within any game setting.

    1. thanks Mark , I hope to be a pretty decent builder of terrain someday. The game system is like an old edition of 40k on a skirmish level I guess I should have been more descriptive in what happened thou 'sustained fire' jus means you are shooting multiple shots as the gun is a large calibre rapid firing weapon. The rules are freely available on the gamesworkshop website.