Monday, 12 March 2012

Fully painted Tyranid shrike and more..

S here again, on a roll it seems with the posting ^_^ Without futher ado..

On another note, I know I said some time ago that I was crap at painting faces and would therefore be staying away from space marines  but....i've changed my mind. I plan to start collecting the Flesh Tearers chapter of Space Marines!! Actually I knew a while back that I wouldn't be keeping to that statement and have been researching chapers for a lil bit. I will still be playing as and collecting more Nids in the immediate future because I  have a lot of work to do creating an army list and reading up on space marine rules *GULP*

 Above pic from

A couple of pics from our weekend game of necromunda. Spot the bridge to nowhere haha I was playing as Cawdor temporarily while waiting for new bases for my Delaque that I managed to melt....long story.

Allan's beautifully painted gang takes an ass whooping before beating me down.
Lastest Nomad ganger conversion. Armed with boltgun and a very fetching green stuff hooded top :D


  1. Shrike looks good are those the forge world wings?

    Nice to see someone take to BA chapter in these times wolves and knights.

    Glad to see you didn't crack out the old cardboard necromunda terrain

    1. Yes they are :) I had to adjust some of them but that's the great thing about resin.

      Absolutely, I can't wait to sink my teeth into the BA codex!

      haha how boring, using Nec scenery for Nec games ^_^ We recently bought 3 packs of the platformer construction sets and plan to make some really nice multi level terrain.