Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ratskin scout finnished and other bits and bobs

Incidently one of my ash waste nomads is called Bob ..... anyways I finnished painting the ratskin but i completely failed to strip the old paint off gave up and jus painted over the top of the decade old previous paintjob so he looks a bit sketchy, anyway here he is.
Also I have ordered a tonne of bits from various websites to help me build more nomads for necromunda but alas they have not yet arrived so i thought id start with what bits i do have ...  here is what is going to be my second heavy in the gang he is going to be armed with a heavy bolter and a auto pistol. I used alot of green stuff mostly to cover up the fact his torso is a spacemarine torso.  I'm also going to re paint my old cawdor gang aswell and write out a roster for them in preperation for our campaign. I've got S heavily into necromunda now and one of my 40k buddies is on it too... exciting times at FDminis !

Talking about S ... she built this piece of scenery ages ago you may have spotted it in some of our 40k bat reps. It is foam board and gw plastic in construction and she painted it with some cool rust effects.
I also went a bit nuts with the foam board and built a huge ruin for 40k games and sprayed it grey the spray was intended for models but is too thick. One more random pic of me (with said spray can) ... why you ask? I'm not quite sure...  i like the picture i guess. 


  1. My favourite base Ratskin pose - there still weren't too many non-standing figures when that first came out, and there still aren't with so natural a sense of reaction. Re the terrain, I think this approach is the right one, especially for high terrain games like Necromunda and Infinity - just keeping at it, making a piece whenever the urge comes.

    I like those shrikes in the last post too.

  2. I like that pose too it's awesome (good for being in cover too he he) Regarding the terrain it works okay but is better for 40k we are going to make some more purpose built scenery and are buying a few platformers(the small ones i dunno if you seen these before?)they look so cool. S was happy with how the nids came out but she says the whip looks a bit long. I think it looks pretty cool too. Will try do a necromunda bat rep soon !