Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sneak peak of 1st completed nid shrike & more ashwaste nomads

Hi all!
S here hoping you all are having a great weekend. I started painting one of my shrikes early this afternoon thinking that I could finish it in good time and take some good pics with the great light of today but alas I ended up getting less and less relaxed as I noticed the light gradually started to fade.

I started seeing the task I set myself turn from abc to the chinese alphabet as I kept finding flaws and general unfinishedness...I still hesitate to call it finshed as it stands but I wanted to share the one decent picture I took and promise to post a BUNCH tommorow when I have time on my side (and the sun doesn't seem to me like it's darting across the sky...pffft stupid sun)

Below are a few more pictures of Allan's Ashwaste nomads. I think this guy he converted looks awesome. He found some really great gas mask heads on Ebay and practically made the guy from bits and bobs of other models. He made the the hood and back pack on this heavy out of green stuff and the last pic is of the 1st leader/ganger from his Cawdor gang which he has just started painting.

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