Wednesday, 14 March 2012

necromunda painting update

Hi allan here with another quick post. Just wanted to show you a couple of minis i finnished painting for necromunda today. The first is another ash waste nomad ganger. Me and S have played 4 practice games of necromunda so far all of which were really great fun but we made mistakes which we have learned from. These practice games are so that we dont make mistakes when playing an actual campaign.

We are planning to play one more practice game on sunday, we will make a bat rep out of this even though it won't be a campaign game (There is a serious lack of necromunda bat reps on youtube!) I'm also playing a necromunda intro game on saturday with my friend george it will not be filmed but i may take some pictures.

This latest ash waste nomad i really like, i didn't go for a realistic look with the eyes as i wanted a kinda evil anime character look as this gang really reminds me of the bad guys in the akira manga books (no not the movie!....... the manga!)   here are some more pics of him.

Also I painted my second cawdor gang member. This model could be used as a ganger or leader but the way i painted him i think he looks decidedly leaderish.

I have been painting alot of stuff recently but therein lies the problem. I have developed a speed painting technique whereby I jus paint everything in foundation paints thinly maybe spend a long time on the face if there is one, then just wash the whole thing. It's good for getting models done quickly but I need to improve my painting skills and this is not the way to do that.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully we will have some more quality posts this weekend and also aim to have the necromunda video battle report up on the blog come monday!


  1. The Nomads are coming together nicely and the colours suit them well.

    The Cawdor guy does seem a bit more like the Redemptionists gang for my tastes but still a nice colour scheme.

    1. Thankyou :), yeah i tried to keep them somewhat uniform in dark colours.With the cawdor I was kinda going for the redemptionist influence with the paint scheme but i think i over did it a bit! haha ... I think ill paint the rest more along the lines of the previous cawdor i painted.