Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Chaos dread finished and more Necromunda stuff

Hi there, I've finally finished my Emperors children dreadnought! (with space marine cc arm and alpha legion sarcophagus lol) It doesn't look amazing I know but its only the third vehicle i've ever painted and progress is slow for me and hard earned but it's very rewarding to see even small improvements in your own work (I'm sure you'll all agree with me on this)

I basically did a lot of washing,a bit of drybrushing,some blending even attempting a little object source lighting but the only thing I really did to any affect in my opinion was the heat staining on the auto cannon barrels. This idea i got from Ron from the warps blog post which you can find here....http://fromthewarp.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/how-to-paint-heat-stained-gun-barrels.html

I did it less impressively and somewhat weaker in terms of the heat staining if you will, as I imagine auto cannons aren't as heat producing as the terminators assualt cannon seen in Rons post.

Any criticism or suggestions on my painting is always  welcomed and appreciated!

Also on my desk this week was a lil guy known in necromunda as a 'Juve' He's a cawdor juve who looks very scared ha ha i think the dum dum bullets in his stub gun are about to blow up in his face maybe :S

The paints a little thick i think this is the third time i've repainted this metal nec dude. Also carrying on with the necromunda theme this week another ash waste nomad i created from bits and pieces ...(spot the tau bits used to create a long rifle lol) I'm a crappy sculpter but i freakin love green stuff!!!!! it's so fun to mess about with. 

He is a heavy with heavy stubber and long rifle ..'but wait you already have two heavies in that gang that's the maximum!' yes you are right imaginary voice but ... it's always good to have options in necromunda where guys routinely fall off walkways to their untimely and gruesome deaths (its cool to replace guys with different models and different weapons etc) If you want to see a video bat rep of a necromunda campaign game skip back one post in our blog and have a gander ! untill next time then ... bye :D


  1. Love the two tone pinks on there. The light pink and the dark pink make for some nice effects on the armour plates. Most of the time, you just see it as one shade of pink across the whole model.

    I wish I could see the heat stained effect more though. Maybe it's the pictures. I've found that I usually need to keep my metallics clean looking so that effect stands out. Your's are much darker and dirtier (very fitting for the model) which can make it tougher to see the effect.

    Nice work!
    Ron, FTW

    1. Thanks Ron, the picture was not very good of the effect but you are right about the darkness aswell. Thanks for checking out the post and commenting I think lots of colours goes with the fluff of the emperors childrens armour, glad you liked it mate :)